Who is She?

Yes, who am I?

I discovered the joys of writing when I was 12.  I remember chronicling the details of my day in my diary every night.  And I mean, every single night.  My diaries were my best friends  (Lost all of them, though, when we moved houses… Yes, it was tragic!)

I never lost my love for writing, though, and I have been published several times here and there.  When I was still single and dating, I used to write about men and relationships.  When I had a family and a child, I began writing about parenting.  I can write about anything… and everything.

I don’t claim to be an expert — that would be too pompous of me.  But I do believe that every experience has a lesson… and I write to share the lessons I have learned, given my own personal experiences — both the good and the bad.

Read on.  Learn more about me in the process.

Welcome to my world!


My bestfriend and I, together.


Betsy G. Ochosa, author of Twenty Years in Between… The Love Story of Lizzie and Joseph



Now available at Fully Booked and select National Bookstore and Powerbooks outlets

Love is a wonderful thing!!


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