Pretty long lashes


Pretty long lashes

They say that if you want a child’s eyelashes to grow full, thick and long, you should trim them while he/she is still an infant.  My mom did that for my brother when he was a baby. I guess it worked because his lashes grew thick and long.

On the same day that she trimmed my baby brother’s lashes, she looked at mine and thought that maybe, just maybe, my lashes needed some trimming, as well.

I’m a girl. I would be prettier with long lashes. So she decided to fix mine, too. 

I was seven years old.  

My lashes never grew long. They didn’t even get thick nor curly. They stayed straight. House broom straight… and kinda short. Much to my dismay.

I never got tired of blaming my mom, too, for that.

The phrase “And her eyelashes fluttered” never applied to me.  My lashes were never long enough to flutter. And unless I used a really good, expensive mascara, well, no one would notice my lashes.


I am a girly girl.  I love my long hair, my pink lipstick, my pink toe nails.  I like getting all dolled up and feeling pretty. I know I will be prettier if I have doll-like lashes. 

So today, my best friend Gracie and I decided to spend the afternoon having our eyelashes fixed. Translation: Get eyelash extensions.

We had it done at  Lavish Lashes at Festival Mall in Alabang.



I was really tempted to try the Glamour look… but I was afraid I’ll end up looking like a drag queen, so we opted for the Natural look… But we chose thicker, darker lashes (compared to the regular eyelash). 

The eyelash technicians led us to two beds at opposite sides of the room. I guess they didn’t want us to be beside each other so we won’t end up chatting the whole time.  (Like it will be easy to chat while your eyes are closed!)

The whole process took a little over thirty minutes. It was quite relaxing, really.

And, voila!



My pictures don’t do my new eyelashes justice… But if you will look closer, I am sure you will appreciate them better.

Another girly goal ticked off my list. 

Okay, so I am shallow… And yes, I am vain. It was a fun afternoon, though… and my heart is happy.

Plus my new eyelashes are just too pretty. ❤


Evening shots… 

So maybe I look like the Grudge with pale face and red lipstick… but the lashes are still pretty!!

Oh, simple joys!  ❤


photo credits: Eyelash cartoon via google images (shutterstock); All other photos are mine!! 🙂 

Lavish Lashes Studio located at GF Festival Mall, Alabang








Life is beautiful

Truly there are so many things to be grateful for.  Sometimes, though, certain situations wear us down.

I have those moments, too.  Moments when life’s uncertainties just sow fear in me, enough to make me feel sick with worry. Sometimes I end up feeling sorry for myself.

When I go through challenges, no matter how trivial they may be, sometimes I find myself asking, “Why this? Why me? ”

But then, when I stop focusing on myself and my woes… When I stop and look around me, these are what I see–

  • I see people carrying their own share of burdens.  Sometimes lighter, oftentimes heavier than mine.
  • I see people who may have less in life yet who also have bigger smiles. 
  • I may see people who are proud, yet I also see selfless and loving ones. 
  • I see the opportunities that have been laid down in front of me.  Opportunity to help a brother in need… opportunity to showcase talent… opportunity to be the best Me that I can be.
  • I see all those times I surpassed a challenge — and came out stronger, better, wiser. 
  • I see all the answered prayers.
  • I also see the innumerable blessings that I have been showered with all these years.
  • I see all those times that my God pulled through for me.

And I go back to being thankful.


Be still and know that I am God. – Ps. 46:10


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#Selfie #Trending


#Please #Like

I don’t think I will EVER understand Facebook… or the people on Facebook —  to be more specific, my Facebook friends.

I am sure everybody knows by now that Facebook is the perfect, PERFECT platform for showing off.  Okay, maybe not just showing off, but “sharing” information.

Do you want people to see your new dress, shoes, car, house, etc.?– post a photo on Facebook.  If you are popular enough, you will get a hundred likes in an hour.

Do you want people to know how your day is going or how your day went? Post a status… don’t forget to add the emoticon that best describes your condition.  Again, if you have a lot of friends, then expect  barrage of comments and likes.  Some will even ask if they can share your status (this one I really DO wonder why).

Do you want affirmation? Acknowledgment? Do you need to hear how gorgeous, young looking you are?  Strike a pose and post a selfie!  Check your post every thirty minutes and feel like a celebrity throughout the day.  Because chances are your friends will click like.

Because friends do that.  Friends support each other.  Especially if you were kind enough to like a selfie they posted just recently, of course they will remember and return the gesture! Facebook friendship rocks!!


I have always wondered how some people get to generate a lot of likes whenever they post a photo.  I have noticed that in my case, my posts that garnered the most likes were pictures of my son and his team winning a tournament… or when my son gets an award in school… and that’s basically it.  Getting ten likes for one photo is a blessing.  I need to tag my friends if I want my photo to get more likes.  But if it’s a selfie… hmm, it may seem pretty weird — desperate even– to tag my friends just so they’ll like my picture, right?  Besides, do they really care seeing me drinking coffee… Or me reading a book… Or me all glammed up ready to go malling…

What makes a selfie tick?

Yesterday early morning, as I was preparing breakfast, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I was still in my nightshirt, my hair clipped on one side, my face and lips were pale sans make up.  I didn’t look like how I normally look (which is like a movie star! Haha!).  Yet I looked fresh and young.  I liked what I saw…

And so, I did the unthinkable.  Even before I made my first cup of coffee for the day, I took a photo of my chemical free face and posted it on Instagram and shared it on Facebook.  What a bold move.  Me, make up free?! I must be out of my mind.

Strangest thing is — my FB friends started liking the photo.  Halfway through the day, I already had 40 likes.  For someone who is used to 5 and is happy with 10, anything above 20 was a world record.  AND the likes kept coming but I stopped counting at 50.  I didn’t want to appear so excited– and smug.

That selfie made my day.  It was unplanned, it was effortless, but it made me feel good about myself.

It made me realize, too, that my FB friends have such weird taste.  Oh, but I’m not complaining. 🙂




Simple reminder, though: Try not to let Facebook likes or comments define you.


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Magic Number: 75

field of dreams

I have been staring at my WordPress stats for today for the past half-hour now.  No, I’m not just staring, I’m practically willing it to get higher.  Nope, not working.  Thirty minutes and a tired and bulging pair of eyes later, my stats still say 4.  So 4 is the number of the day.  Pathetic.

I miss my old blogsite.  I had friends there.  Cyberfriends.  I had readers who regularly stopped by and read whatever nonsense story I had to tell.  Oh, yes, I struggled, too, in the beginning.  There were times when I had 0 site visits.  Sometimes I had just 1 reader (who happened to be my bestfriend… who else?!).  And yes, I also used to whine and rant (much like I’m doing now) whenever I had just a few readers.  But somehow, eventually, I gained followers.  I had comments. I had spam comments, too (which I believe is totally irrelevant).  I think my highest site views in one day was at 75 hits… Okay, maybe that was a computer glitch…  But I know I have reached double digits.

Yet when I moved blogsites, I seem to have lost my blogfriends.  They did not move along with me.  Or maybe everyone’s just busy living their own lives, tending their own blogs that my disappearance simply did not matter much.

I am such a drama queen.

I know it’s mostly my fault.  I haven’t been writing much.  I said it before and I’m going to say it again — how can I expect people to appreciate my writing, my works, when I don’t take the time to create something.  If I don’t take time to write, then what’s there to read, right?  (Insert Field of Dreams Quote here: “If you build it, they will come…”)

So I will stop whining now and will start writing again.  I can’t promise to post really nice pictures — because I am not a photographer… I’m a writer.  And people might sue me if I start copy-pasting their photos just to make my blog more interesting.  But I will try… Most likely I will end up pestering a photographer friend of mine so he will allow me to use his stunning photos. (The other alternative will be to post pictures of myself — boy, do I have a lot of those — but then that would be narcissistic!)

I will try to entertain you with words.

And maybe, just maybe, my old friends from my not-so-distant blog past would find me once again. 

The goal is 75.  Magic number 75.


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