Being a Better Me

The last two weeks of December pretty much breezed by. 

There were endless get-togethers, last-minute shopping sprees and gift wrappings, family reunions with overabundance of food (with everything seemingly delectable, yummy but utterly sinful, and totally irresistible)… And we wonder how we gained those unwanted pounds. 😦

I can personally say, though, that aside from the full stomach, December left me with a full heart, too.  A heart full of love and joy.

Spending time with family and friends reminded me what true joy is about… what love is about. It is about having a certain sense of belonging and acceptance. It is about knowing that you are with people you love and who also love you back, regardless of who you are, what you have been through… People who are ready and willing to accept your flaws and quirks.  

It is about feeling at home and armed with the knowledge that there are people who value you, who will stand by you and protect you when need be. 

When you have joy and love in your heart, you are somewhat braver to face whatever tomorrow brings.  It gives you courage to conquer the new year and whatever surprises it has in store.

❤ ❤ ❤

I am a “New Year’s Resolutions” person. It has been a childhood practice of mine to list down the things I ‘promise’  I will do (or in some cases, not do) in the coming year.  

Yes, I normally start with : Lose five pounds… And truth be told, I don’t think I ever lost those five pounds.  Maybe sometimes I do, but I most likely gain them back when December comes… plus a couple more. 😦 

When no one else knows about your resolutions, chances are you will end up ignoring them or forgetting them altogether. It is never easy to lose those five pounds, you know. It IS easier to forget that you even thought of wanting to lose weight.

And so, to challenge myself this year, let me share with you my 2017 resolutions. 

If you are a friend and you see that I am getting off track, feel free to tap me on the shoulder — or send me a text message– and let me know. I will try not to feel bad nor get offended (…nor punch you on the face). Promise. 🙂 

Here goes — in no particular order of importance…

My 2017 ‘Be a Better Me’ list:

I will…

  • lose at least five (5) pounds. Yes, this still tops the list.
  • eat healthier.
  • walk more.
  • have regular spa treatments (facial, massage, etc.)
  • not scrimp on good moisturizers and body lotions.
  • wear more skirts and dresses.
  • be more positive; get rid of negativity and grudges.
  • leave hurtful events, people, memories behind.
  • do my best not to get easily offended by other people.
  • smile more; be friendlier.
  • learn how to take a compliment.
  • laugh at/make fun of myself more; learn how to loosen up.
  • be more patient with people, even the difficult ones — most especially, the difficult and overbearing ones. 
  • read my bible daily.
  • fill my head and my heart with worship and praise songs.
  • NOT listen to sad songs, especially when I am having an off day… they simply don’t help.
  • talk to my parents and spend time with them regularly.
  • make more time for my friends.
  • write more.
  • start writing my next book.
  • NOT be embarrassed to share my work, my talent and my thoughts.
  • still take selfies as much as I can, and enjoy every minute of it!
  • take photos to document my day.
  • make more picture books / photo albums.
  • read more books — one book a month, at the very least.
  • learn — really learn —  a new language.
  • travel to a country I have never been to.
  • always be grateful for the blessings, whether big or small.

Phew, that was quite a lot. I can still think of others, but this should do for now…

I know I will have hits and misses along the way… But aren’t we so blessed to have the chance to start on a clean slate? We have twelve new months ahead of us. 

Twelve months that we can spend trying to be a better version of what we already are. 

Twelve months of keeping the joy in our hearts… in our lives.

Because I said I’ll take more selfies (I guess I have this one covered)…


And because I also said I will laugh at/make fun of myself more… 🙂 

Happy new year, everyone! Here’s to an exciting year.


photos are all mine, obviously… 😉 


Summer afternoons

I truly feel bad whenever I see my blog site and realize that I haven’t been blogging regularly. Changing my blog name (A Daily Dose of Betsy) has crossed my mind a number of times.

I just can’t find the time to blog daily.  Heck, sometimes I can’t post even one blog in a week! Tsk, tsk…

The spirit is willing, believe me, but time does not always permit.  Because life happens.   And as I let life happen, time just flies… Or I get too exhausted to stop and write… Or age catches up and my brain cells have a difficult time composing something.

Okay, enough of the blather.

So what has been keeping me busy…

I guess pretty much, this:

photo 1

Field of Dreams

Yes, we run a baseball camp.  My husband and I own and manage the Philippine Habagat Baseball Club.

The summer training started late March and will run until end of May.  Ergo, I am there at the venue Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to oversee registration and talk to parents and players, reply to inquiries.

Training is from 2pm-6pm. In the beginning of summer camp I used to go to the Club as early as 12:30pm and stay until training finishes.  So there goes my afternoon.  Lately, though, I manage to leave the Club much earlier. Once they are all settled, I start packing up. The boys don’t need me at the field, anyway.

photo 2

smaller boys doing exercises

It’s amazing how the Club has grown.  Five years ago when we first started, there were but twelve (12) boys. We actually started with ten — the other two joined middle of summer.  We only had one team. One team that was formed to join an international tournament.

We learned a lot from that one team… from that first year.

It was not an easy journey.  Being new, people watched us closely. There were people waiting, even wishing, for us to fail.  There were bumps along the way. The world can be cruel.

But then there were victories, too.  And somehow, the victories outweighed the challenges.

Now, 5 years later… We are still here!  Bigger, and hopefully, better.

We have sent a number of teams to various international tournaments.  We have joined — and won — a lot of local tournaments, in different divisions, to boot!

And yes, we have been running a baseball summer camp for about  four years now.

From a team of twelve 11 & 12 yr. old boys, we have grown to much, much more! We have boys as young as 4 years old and young men as old as 18, training with us.

God has been good.

photo 3

big boys in a huddle

SO this pretty much keeps me busy these days.

I am not one who enjoys the sun, the heat, the dust, the sweat… (thought balloon: Eeew!).

But I love the times I get to spend chatting with the players — especially the little ones– before training.  I also relish watching them grow right before my eyes.

As I watch them get better, stronger, transform from being timid to becoming a fighter, I can’t help but think that yes, we must be doing something right.

Better players, better people.


Of course, there still are afternoons when I wish I’m elsewhere — malling or having a massage or doing something girly — and not whiling the time away under the heat of the summer sun.

When the boredom arises, I just do what I do best…

summer selfie

Summer Selfie!!!


windblown hair, anyone?

And yes, the afternoons pass much faster when you have your BFF to share it with…


Chat away!!

 I’m living in the moment.  

These are my moments.

Happy Summer!



I credit myself and my phones for the awesome photos 😉

Nuggets of wisdom


I am a writer…

Writing is a passion.  Writing is my passion. I think I have mentioned that here quite a number of times.

My write ups have been published in magazines, newspapers and various websites. I wrote regularly  for a parenting magazine for about two and a half years (until the owners decided to cease publication of said magazine) and I have contributed to several others after that.  One would think that I should be used to it by now — that is, seeing my work published somewhere.

Truth be told, the excitement doesn’t really go away.  Every time an article I wrote gets published, I just can’t help but be thrilled.  My heart is so filled with pure joy. I am like a little girl on Christmas morning. Continue reading

Blogging day #2


Coffee is vital in blogging…


I began the year with a blog (Yey for me!).

As I ushered in the new year, the plan — or the goal — was to write regularly, have a blog entry everyday if possible.  The operative word there being “everyday”  and not “if possible.”

It is now January 5, and so far this is my 2nd blog entry for the year. Hmm… Is that bad??

In case you guys are interested to know what goes on behind the scenes as I compose a masterpiece of a blog, let me give you an idea…

Writing is my passion.  I keep saying that.  I can express myself better through the written word.  But of course the ideas always begin in the mind.  I hear conversations in my head even before I put them down on paper. Just so we are clear, I am not schizophrenic or anything.  I just test out lines or sentences in my head before I actually write them down or type them on the computer.  Other writers probably do the same thing… or maybe not.

But anyhow, that’s how it starts for me… I get an idea, I ‘run’ it in my head, then I jot the words down before I lose them. I get excited, I write or type a few lines… and then after which, most of the time, I go blank.

When I say blank, I mean BLANK. 

So I stand up, make myself a cup of coffee. I wait for the next wave of inspiration to come.  And then I get distracted by the tv.

Just a while ago, the latest episode of Supergirl was on air.  I sat in front of the tv a few minutes… okay, until the episode ended. (It was quite an interesting episode so I thought of finishing it.)

After making coffee and watching a bit of tv, I go back in front of my computer.  Did I tell you that my desktop is right beside my cabinet which has a full length mirror?  So every time I turn to look at my left, I see myself (hard at work?! I wish!).  And when I see my reflection, I remember the things that I forgot to do — like put moisturizer on my face, for one!

I stop what I’m doing and I get my moisturizer… and my body lotion… and oh yeah, maybe I should put a little make up on so I won’t look too pale. Besides, you’ll never know who will drop by and visit.

Moisturizer, check. Lotion, check, lipstick and eyeliner, check. A dab of cologne, check.  I comb my hair, make sure it’s straight and not stringy. And then I am all set.

What was it that I was doing in the first place??? Oh yeah, blogging. I was trying to blog.  That mirror can be very distracting.

I suddenly get a surge of inspiration, so I once again head back to my computer and key in a few paragraphs… And then the dogs outside start barking, calling for attention. I pretend not to hear at first.  Can’t shut them out for long, though, so I stand up once again.

This is why I prefer to do my writing in the middle of the night when it’s quiet and every one’s asleep. Less distractions.  As long as I have my coffee, I’m good to go.


What is the formula in coming out with a good article?   When is the best time to write? When do you get the inspiration?

To be honest about it in my writing experience, the articles (write ups, published essays, blogs and what have yous) that I most liked or that I thought were the nicest were the ones which I thought about at the craziest times.  Be it while I’m in the shower… or while I’m doing the grocery… or yes, in the middle of the night when everyone’s asleep but me.

Most of these write ups begin on a small piece of paper. Because when you suddenly get that inspiration to write, well, you just grab the nearest blank paper you can find and let the words flow.

Sitting in front of the computer hoping the words will magically appear on the screen just don’t work.  Most often than not I end up stalking people on Facebook (that was a joke! Of course I don’t stalk people on Facebook…) 😉

My advice: When inspiration comes, grab it! Run those words, those lines in your head.  Then jot them down right away, lest you forget.  Just keep writing, let your creative juices flow… it is easy to edit afterwards, anyway.

Before you know it, you have created a masterpiece… Something for the world to enjoy and learn from.  Or maybe not.

At the very least, you would have created a blog entry.  Much like this one. 🙂


This is just so ME!



photo credits : “To blog or not to blog” via ; “Writer hard at work” via FB page of author Susan Elizabeth Phillips (I just love her!)



Eureka moment

It happens!

Eureka effect : (Greek: heurēka, “I have found”) is any sudden unexpected discovery, or the sudden realization of the solution to a problem, resulting in a eureka moment (the moment of unexpected discovery)

I simply can’t believe it. 
After months of blogging here and almost two years of blogging in my previous site, I just learned about this ‘kitchen sink’ button.  I clicked it by chance and out came a whole new line of buttons — the button that shows how to change the format of your paragraph,  the underline button, the one that lets you change font color, the one that says “insert custom character” ♥♥♥, and still another one that lets you undo something that you did (like delete one whole paragraph by accident).
Where have I been this whole time??  How could I have been so clueless that I did not know that WordPress had these command buttons??? 
Do you know the countless number of times I accidentally deleted words — paragraphs — that I wrote, and I had no recourse but to shed a tear because I couldn’t bring the words back?  I hoped there was an undo button somewhere… and I wondered why there was none.
There IS an undo button, dummy!  (Don’t worry, I’m talking to myself)  I just never bothered to find out where it is. 
Lesson learned:  Sometimes all you have to do is ask.  Yes, that and to be unafraid of exploring.  You will never know what pleasant surprise is waiting for you. 🙂



In other news…

I made some changes in this blogsite.  The other day I tried to search for my site using google (in simpler terms, I googled my blog)… only to find out that there were more than ten blogs with the same blog name as mine, Life as it Happens.  I didn’t even see the link to my blog!!  Geesh, life has been happening to a lot of people everywhere and it seems that like me, they also want to blog about it.

Because I want to be special, I decided to change my blog name.  So, it’s now SuperMom Me  (which probably has a twin blogname somewhere, but, oh well…).  Will see how this would pan out first… hopefully it sticks.

As to my superpowers as SuperMom Me… Astral projection — I normally have out of body experiences when I don’t like to listen to what the person in front of me is saying; and psychic powers — I know what my son will say or do even before he thinks it.

How’s that for being Super?

PS… My kryptonite WordPress buttons? 😉


photos via google images.

Eureka effect definition from