Pretty long lashes


Pretty long lashes

They say that if you want a child’s eyelashes to grow full, thick and long, you should trim them while he/she is still an infant.  My mom did that for my brother when he was a baby. I guess it worked because his lashes grew thick and long.

On the same day that she trimmed my baby brother’s lashes, she looked at mine and thought that maybe, just maybe, my lashes needed some trimming, as well.

I’m a girl. I would be prettier with long lashes. So she decided to fix mine, too. 

I was seven years old.  

My lashes never grew long. They didn’t even get thick nor curly. They stayed straight. House broom straight… and kinda short. Much to my dismay.

I never got tired of blaming my mom, too, for that.

The phrase “And her eyelashes fluttered” never applied to me.  My lashes were never long enough to flutter. And unless I used a really good, expensive mascara, well, no one would notice my lashes.


I am a girly girl.  I love my long hair, my pink lipstick, my pink toe nails.  I like getting all dolled up and feeling pretty. I know I will be prettier if I have doll-like lashes. 

So today, my best friend Gracie and I decided to spend the afternoon having our eyelashes fixed. Translation: Get eyelash extensions.

We had it done at  Lavish Lashes at Festival Mall in Alabang.



I was really tempted to try the Glamour look… but I was afraid I’ll end up looking like a drag queen, so we opted for the Natural look… But we chose thicker, darker lashes (compared to the regular eyelash). 

The eyelash technicians led us to two beds at opposite sides of the room. I guess they didn’t want us to be beside each other so we won’t end up chatting the whole time.  (Like it will be easy to chat while your eyes are closed!)

The whole process took a little over thirty minutes. It was quite relaxing, really.

And, voila!



My pictures don’t do my new eyelashes justice… But if you will look closer, I am sure you will appreciate them better.

Another girly goal ticked off my list. 

Okay, so I am shallow… And yes, I am vain. It was a fun afternoon, though… and my heart is happy.

Plus my new eyelashes are just too pretty. ❤


Evening shots… 

So maybe I look like the Grudge with pale face and red lipstick… but the lashes are still pretty!!

Oh, simple joys!  ❤


photo credits: Eyelash cartoon via google images (shutterstock); All other photos are mine!! 🙂 

Lavish Lashes Studio located at GF Festival Mall, Alabang






Beauty secrets – Facial care edition

Beauty secrets

People who know me also know that I can be very vain.  I take hours in front of the mirror doing my daily thing before I step out of the room.

When I say daily thing, I mean my beauty regimen.  From facial care to putting on make up.  Yes, it takes me about an hour at the very least.  But I truly don’t mind. Rather than go out looking like a hag, I would religiously go through the whole routine.

These are my tried and tested beauty essentials:

1.  I never fail to moisturize my face, day and night.  Among my favorite moisturizers are:

VMV Hypoallergenics Creammmy Rich Intensive Moisture Milk


I love VMV moisturizer because it keeps my skin soft and supple and it’s non-greasy. It’s reasonably priced, too.

Olay Total Effects

stops the 7 signs of aging

I would like to believe that it does stop aging.

Dermalogica Super Rich Repair

deeply nourishes

When I truly want to pamper my face.

2.  The eyes are the windows to the soul.  Who would want crow’s feet and raccoon eyes?

Dermalogica Intense Eye Repair

diminishes fine lines and dark circles

Best eye cream in my book.

3. To thoroughly cleanse my face, I use this exfoliant at least once– or twice a week.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

squeaky clean

I love this exfoliant because it also diminishes sun spots and evens out skin tone.  It also leaves my face feeling soft and squeaky clean after every use.

If you can’t have regular facials, use of this microfoliant should suffice.

4.  Conceal blemishes. Even out skin tone. Protect from sun damage.


a great find

Can work with or without face powder.  Just let it set a few minutes after application and you will have that fresh, glowing, blemish-free look.


These are the products I use or have used for my facial skin care.  I have tried other moisturizers, eye creams and exfoliants, but the ones mentioned above truly topped my list.

I believe in taking care of my skin.  Though I know that I cannot defy gravity, I can help slow down skin aging.  My goal is to always look ten years younger than my real age — sans surgical enhancement or cosmetic surgery.

who’s the fairest of them all…

Next time I will share the make up brands I have grown to love through the years.  Watch out for it!!


all photos via google images