Pretty long lashes


Pretty long lashes

They say that if you want a child’s eyelashes to grow full, thick and long, you should trim them while he/she is still an infant.  My mom did that for my brother when he was a baby. I guess it worked because his lashes grew thick and long.

On the same day that she trimmed my baby brother’s lashes, she looked at mine and thought that maybe, just maybe, my lashes needed some trimming, as well.

I’m a girl. I would be prettier with long lashes. So she decided to fix mine, too. 

I was seven years old.  

My lashes never grew long. They didn’t even get thick nor curly. They stayed straight. House broom straight… and kinda short. Much to my dismay.

I never got tired of blaming my mom, too, for that.

The phrase “And her eyelashes fluttered” never applied to me.  My lashes were never long enough to flutter. And unless I used a really good, expensive mascara, well, no one would notice my lashes.


I am a girly girl.  I love my long hair, my pink lipstick, my pink toe nails.  I like getting all dolled up and feeling pretty. I know I will be prettier if I have doll-like lashes. 

So today, my best friend Gracie and I decided to spend the afternoon having our eyelashes fixed. Translation: Get eyelash extensions.

We had it done at  Lavish Lashes at Festival Mall in Alabang.



I was really tempted to try the Glamour look… but I was afraid I’ll end up looking like a drag queen, so we opted for the Natural look… But we chose thicker, darker lashes (compared to the regular eyelash). 

The eyelash technicians led us to two beds at opposite sides of the room. I guess they didn’t want us to be beside each other so we won’t end up chatting the whole time.  (Like it will be easy to chat while your eyes are closed!)

The whole process took a little over thirty minutes. It was quite relaxing, really.

And, voila!



My pictures don’t do my new eyelashes justice… But if you will look closer, I am sure you will appreciate them better.

Another girly goal ticked off my list. 

Okay, so I am shallow… And yes, I am vain. It was a fun afternoon, though… and my heart is happy.

Plus my new eyelashes are just too pretty. ❤


Evening shots… 

So maybe I look like the Grudge with pale face and red lipstick… but the lashes are still pretty!!

Oh, simple joys!  ❤


photo credits: Eyelash cartoon via google images (shutterstock); All other photos are mine!! 🙂 

Lavish Lashes Studio located at GF Festival Mall, Alabang






Scents and Sensibilities


Scents have a way of making you remember a certain person… or moment…

Have you ever walked through a perfume section of a store, get a whiff of a certain scent and then start feeling like you were transported to another place in time?

You smell a certain perfume and you get reminded of an old love… maybe your first boyfriend… or perhaps it’s some guy you had a summer fling with… or maybe you get reminded of your college best friend… or of the prettiest girl in high school — the one you all loved to hate… or maybe you remember your favorite teacher… or your favorite aunt…

Isn’t it amazing how scents can joggle your memory?


ooh la la…

Truth be told, I am a perfume lover.  If I am to be crass, I can say that I am a perfume wh@r3 (pardon the language… but i think that describes me best).  Buying perfume is some form of therapy for me.  I have panic attacks when I see that my last bottle is halfway done.  I need to replenish fast or I’ll totally be in the foulest of moods.

I know that expensive perfume is a luxury to some.  It is a luxury to me.  But then wearing perfume IS a daily habit.  It’s one of the things that I know I have to do before I step out of the house.  A few quick sprays… and then some more… and I’m off.  Smelling as beautiful as I can ever be…


Sharing a few of  my favorites… (What’s in my perfume cabinet at the moment)

Flavor of the month

A great find.  Got one on sale together with this…


Tell me, how can I resist?!

This is my regular day scent:

ooh so fresh…

Perfect for malling and/or lunches or coffee with girlfriends.

When I want to smell fun and girly, I spray this:

Happiness in a bottle!!

When I want to smell sexy, I use this:

I’m so channeling JLo!

And the list goes on and on and on…


I distinctly remember one day when I was still in college, I was walking down the halls of one building, and I happened to pass by an open classroom.  A friend of mine was in that class, seated at the back of the room, near the door.  I saw him looking straight ahead, listening intently to the teacher.  There was a slight breeze that blew as I passed… and then my friend, without taking his eyes off the teacher, smiled and said my name.  Then he looked out and saw me.

The scent was haunting.  That was the term he used.

In a good way.

This was my perfume then…

Can’t help but feel beautiful, as well.


Feeling a bit low? Go treat yourself to a bottle of your favorite perfume.

A spritz here, a dab there.  Believe me, it will work wonders to your mood.  Try it.

Unforgettable.  That’s what you will be.


photos via google images