league of legends?!

I was texting with a teenager the other day.  He was one of the players in a baseball team that I managed a couple of years ago.  He was asking for a character reference from the coach for a school requirement and  was coordinating with me. After I gave instructions as to where my driver will meet him to give the form he needed, this was his reply:  “SLR. 🙂 Thank you so much for your help!

Hmmm.  I got the thank you part… but try as I might, I couldn’t quite figure out what SLR meant.  SLR camera? Did he need a photo?

Geesh, what’s with this short cut language? I truly am so behind! I suddenly felt old.

I ended up asking another teenager who was with me that morning.  He casually said, “Sorry late reply.” Reading his facial expression, I think his thought balloon said, “How old are you? How can you not know?” I felt ancient! 😦

What is it with all these shortcuts?  When I send text or chat messages, I make sure all the words are spelled out — correctly, if  I may add.  I cringe whenever I send a text message with a misspelled word, and I quickly follow it up with the correct spelling (*correct spelling). So, yes, I send long text messages.

When my son was just starting to use a cellphone, we made it a point that the messages we send had correctly spelled words and with correct grammar. No shortcuts. We did not want him to get used to  carelessly composed text messages filled with misspelled words and bad grammar. We wanted him to compose his messages properly. We wanted him to use words and not just letters. In fact, we wanted him to use big words whenever possible. That way he is enriching his vocabulary.

But then nowadays, people are just so used to shortened messages.  And it seems that young people can easily understand a random mix of letters! I, on the other hand, have to rack my brains to decipher what they mean.

Is it because we are all busy, things are happening fast and we have no time to waste that we look for shortcuts?  Or have the young people  just gone lazy that it gets too tiring for them to spell out a word? I truly wonder.

Personally, though, I still prefer real words. Real, understandable words.  I don’t mind reading long messages as long as there’s substance. I know I will make time.

Besides, save for bff (best friends forever) and lol (laugh out loud), I can’t seem to remember what all the other acronyms stand for. I once mistook bfn (bye for now) to be best friends not, and I thought ttyl (talk to you later) meant try and try, you loser.  Yep, I was that bad.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned… Or maybe it is because I am a writer and I put value in words that I don’t appreciate shortcuts.

Or maybe, I’m simply just old –and too lazy to make an effort in remembering what they mean.


Post script (P.S.) :

Yesterday, as my sister was reading a text message, she asked me what atm meant. Hah!! I knew that one!  I was too tempted to say Automated teller machine, though…

She raised an eyebrow and looked confused. I smiled and said, “At the moment.” Then I added, “Don’t you feel old not knowing that?”

Misery loves company… ikr?! 🙂



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Life begins at —

say, what??!

I am turning _ _ this year.  Geesh, I can’t even say the magic number.

My birthday won’t be ’til the last month of the year, but for some reason, I can’t help but dread it.  I know, I know… we should be thankful for all the days that we are blessed with.  In fact I am grateful.  I truly am.

I also know that wisdom comes with age.  The older we get, the more experiences we have, and the wiser we become.  Ideally, that is.

Why then am I not rejoicing nor broadcasting to the world that I am turning so and so years old?  Shouldn’t I be proud of my age?  Am I not happy with what I have become?

When I was young(er), I used to think my aunts and my parents were ancient.  At my age now, I’ll die if my son’s friends would think I’m ancient.  I will probably ban them from entering my house forever.

i wanna be a pink fairy

A lot of times I still feel like a little girl — okay, maybe not so little, but I do still feel like a young girl inside.  I still like watching girly-girl shows.  I still have movie star crushes.  I still like to giggle and play tricks on people.  I still read trashy novels, watch feel good movies.  I can be so juvenile.

It’s when I have to make decisions for the family that I get to remember that oh, yeah, I am an adult.  I have to have good replies to my son’s questions… I have to be firm and consistent with my decisions and I need to be a good role model to the kids who look up to me.   I cannot keep on running to my parents for help.  Lest I forget, I am now the parent of someone.   I have to have my own answers.

Getting old is scary.


my manual

I am a vain person.  My family and friends know that.  I take extra care of my appearance… I can take long hours in front of the mirror primping myself (and not get tired).  I spend a lavish amount of money on moisturizers, lotions, eyecreams and the works.  One of my biggest fears is looking old and wrinkled.

Lately I have been obsessing about that, too.  The fine lines under my eyes that I never noticed before just seemed to have magnified overnight.  I am getting more and more conscious of what gravity is doing to my skin, to my body.  And the more conscious I get, the more expensive my beauty regimen becomes.

I am old and shallow.  Now I feel worse.


Age is just a number.  I have heard people saying that time and again.  I even blogged about that before (in my other site).

Deep down I know that getting old is not a bad thing.  We will all get old anyway and there’s no defying that… unless we die young (which is a morbid thought).  I know I’d rather grow old and experience lots and lots of things.

I also know that birthdays signify beginnings.  It shows us a promise of better days to come.  The past is over and done with — nice to remember and learn from, but the future is waiting for you to discover and learn yet more things.

Maybe I should celebrate my turning _ _.  Maybe I should change my perspective and be excited about it… Show the world that I have reached this age (looking ten years younger.. haha) proud of what I have become, and expectant of more that is to come.

Perhaps I should bear in mind that life begins when you actually start living it.


Postscript:  I cannot promise that you won’t hear any more whining from me from now until December regarding my age issues.  Apologizing now.  Please bear with me 🙂

Birthday gift, anyone?! 🙂


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thanks for the compliment!

My, you look mighty good today...

I have always believed that when a man compliments a woman, it is either he is up to something, or he is after something.  Women, on the other hand, tend to be more critical of the same gender that when I receive a compliment from another woman, I am truly thankful and appreciative.

As I was leaving the dental clinic this morning, my son’s dentist asked me how we (my son and I) were related.  I said, “I’m his mom.” 

Dentist smiled and said, “Wow, you look so young!”

Good thing the dentist was a female.  Compliment accepted!

That really made my day.

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