Meet me at the bookstore…


Oh, the places you’ll go…

The book – Twenty Years in Between – is out!!

Those who have been following my blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts would know that I have been doing the rounds, distributing to various bookstores.

Lately I have been receiving a number of inquiries on where they can get the book. Truth be told, right now there are limited number of printed copies available, so I had to choose strategically where best to place them.

Below is a list of the bookstores that already carry Twenty Years in Between:

National Bookstore: 

* Alabang Town Center (ATC) * Festival Supermall * SM Southmall* SM Center Molino, Bacoor* Glorietta* Greenbelt 1* Market Market* SM Aura Premier* SM Mall of Asia (MOA)* Robinsons Place Manila* Harrison Plaza* Taft Madison 


*Alabang Town Center* Evia North* Festival Supermall

Fully Booked:

*The Fort, BGC* Mall of Asia (MOA)* Katipunan* Eastwood* Alabang Town Center 

Central Bookstore: 

*SM Megamall* Lyceum Branch, Makati* Also available online at

For delivery this week in the following National Bookstore branches:

Trinoma* SM City North* Quezon Ave.* Loyola Heights Katipunan* SM City Fairview* SM City Marikina* SM Megamall

Copies are limited, so GRAB ONE NOW!! ❤


This time last year, I was still in the process of getting to know my publisher. Truly I am still amazed at the many things that can — or better yet, that had happened within a year’s time! 

I am grateful to the people who have supported this dream of mine. Indeed, I am so very blessed. 

Sharing with you some photos of this wonderful journey…

From the Book Signing last September

With Ms. Clarissa Ines, my uber talented book cover artist!

 Dear family and friends… What to write, what to write… 🙂

More Friends Enjoying the Book…

How to write heartfelt dedications… ❤ 

My Bookstore Visits…

It is fun, it is tiring… it is exhilarating! Best part is– I know this journey has just begun.

All glory goes to the One Who made all these possible. All for You, Lord. 🙂 

Leaving you with this… 


Because this is truly, definitely how you will feel after reading the book…

Twenty Years in Between… The Love Story of Lizzie and Joseph

Grab a copy now!!

❤ ❤

photo credits: BuzzFeed Books post grabbed from Facebook ; all other photos are mine 🙂

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Being a Better Me

The last two weeks of December pretty much breezed by. 

There were endless get-togethers, last-minute shopping sprees and gift wrappings, family reunions with overabundance of food (with everything seemingly delectable, yummy but utterly sinful, and totally irresistible)… And we wonder how we gained those unwanted pounds. 😦

I can personally say, though, that aside from the full stomach, December left me with a full heart, too.  A heart full of love and joy.

Spending time with family and friends reminded me what true joy is about… what love is about. It is about having a certain sense of belonging and acceptance. It is about knowing that you are with people you love and who also love you back, regardless of who you are, what you have been through… People who are ready and willing to accept your flaws and quirks.  

It is about feeling at home and armed with the knowledge that there are people who value you, who will stand by you and protect you when need be. 

When you have joy and love in your heart, you are somewhat braver to face whatever tomorrow brings.  It gives you courage to conquer the new year and whatever surprises it has in store.

❤ ❤ ❤

I am a “New Year’s Resolutions” person. It has been a childhood practice of mine to list down the things I ‘promise’  I will do (or in some cases, not do) in the coming year.  

Yes, I normally start with : Lose five pounds… And truth be told, I don’t think I ever lost those five pounds.  Maybe sometimes I do, but I most likely gain them back when December comes… plus a couple more. 😦 

When no one else knows about your resolutions, chances are you will end up ignoring them or forgetting them altogether. It is never easy to lose those five pounds, you know. It IS easier to forget that you even thought of wanting to lose weight.

And so, to challenge myself this year, let me share with you my 2017 resolutions. 

If you are a friend and you see that I am getting off track, feel free to tap me on the shoulder — or send me a text message– and let me know. I will try not to feel bad nor get offended (…nor punch you on the face). Promise. 🙂 

Here goes — in no particular order of importance…

My 2017 ‘Be a Better Me’ list:

I will…

  • lose at least five (5) pounds. Yes, this still tops the list.
  • eat healthier.
  • walk more.
  • have regular spa treatments (facial, massage, etc.)
  • not scrimp on good moisturizers and body lotions.
  • wear more skirts and dresses.
  • be more positive; get rid of negativity and grudges.
  • leave hurtful events, people, memories behind.
  • do my best not to get easily offended by other people.
  • smile more; be friendlier.
  • learn how to take a compliment.
  • laugh at/make fun of myself more; learn how to loosen up.
  • be more patient with people, even the difficult ones — most especially, the difficult and overbearing ones. 
  • read my bible daily.
  • fill my head and my heart with worship and praise songs.
  • NOT listen to sad songs, especially when I am having an off day… they simply don’t help.
  • talk to my parents and spend time with them regularly.
  • make more time for my friends.
  • write more.
  • start writing my next book.
  • NOT be embarrassed to share my work, my talent and my thoughts.
  • still take selfies as much as I can, and enjoy every minute of it!
  • take photos to document my day.
  • make more picture books / photo albums.
  • read more books — one book a month, at the very least.
  • learn — really learn —  a new language.
  • travel to a country I have never been to.
  • always be grateful for the blessings, whether big or small.

Phew, that was quite a lot. I can still think of others, but this should do for now…

I know I will have hits and misses along the way… But aren’t we so blessed to have the chance to start on a clean slate? We have twelve new months ahead of us. 

Twelve months that we can spend trying to be a better version of what we already are. 

Twelve months of keeping the joy in our hearts… in our lives.

Because I said I’ll take more selfies (I guess I have this one covered)…


And because I also said I will laugh at/make fun of myself more… 🙂 

Happy new year, everyone! Here’s to an exciting year.


photos are all mine, obviously… 😉 


life goals

You gotta have them!!

If money is not an issue, and you have the time to spare, what is it that you have long wanted to do but you keep putting off?

My best friend and I were mulling over that subject the last time we talked. For several minutes, we were both deep in thought…

When I was very young, I used to make a list of the things that I wanted to accomplish… My Girly Goals, as I called them  (I think I have already mentioned that before in one of my blogs).  Somehow when you are young, you can write and write and write about the things you want to do — and you feel that you have all the time in the world to do them.  The world is your oyster, so to speak.

But as one gets older, well, responsibilities pile up… priorities change… time does not stop but instead breezes by… resources are not always abundant… and you forget about those girly goals — or you set them aside, to be revisited if and when life permits.

My best friend said she will travel more. Given the chance — time and money not being an issue — she will explore the world.  She said she will bring her kids (all three of them) to places they have never been to. They will create more happy memories while traveling.

That was a nice thought.

road less traveled

she will follow that road…

When it was my turn to answer, I had to think long and hard before I could give my reply.  All of a sudden, I saw the 12 year old me writing “Girly Goals” on my diary.

I tried to recall the things that I listed there — remembering the things that I have actually accomplished, as well as the things that I have left hanging, dreams that I have set aside.

These are some of the things I remembered wanting to do/buy/have:

  • Own a horse. It was supposed to be brown and I would have called it Chessie. Funny, I still remember the name.
  • Ride a hot air balloon
  • Dye my hair brown (done!)
  • Put up an orphanage, take care of little kids
  • Write a book, a love story for young adults.
  • Write for magazines, get published (done on several accounts!)
  • Come out on print ads (haha on this, but yes, done!)

I know there were more, but somehow these ones stood out.  These were the ones I easily remembered. Maybe because these were the ones that I really, really wanted to do/accomplish…

I have long given up on the first item — owning a horse.  Certain life experiences in the past somehow ruined that dream for me.  Too many painful memories attached to owning a horse made me scratch that one off my list.  I don’t need to be reminded of past hurts. Sorry, Chessie.

Riding a hot air balloon doesn’t seem as exciting now as when I was 12. I think getting older makes one less brave.

That leaves me with the orphanage and the book.  Both lofty dreams.  One to help others, the other one more for myself.

If I have the money (lots of it), I will put up an orphanage and I will house as many abandoned little kids as I can.  If I have the time– and the courage, well, I will publish that book.

But for now, looking at my list above, I believe accomplishing 3 out of 7 isn’t bad… especially after scratching out 2. Not bad at all.

And well, the world, I believe, is still my oyster. 🙂


ps… What about you? What is your girly goal? Do share! – B


photos via google images