1st of March

…And just like that, it’s the third month of the year! Gosh.


This time last year, I was pestering  reminding my editor about the draft of my book. My cover artist had also already given me sample artworks to choose from. Geesh, time flies. I’d better start working on a new project so I’ll stop this reminiscing and I can start moving forward. 

I actually have two book projects lined up. One is a children’s storybook and the other is the — drum roll please —  sequel to Twenty Years in Between. (Did I say that out loud?! Am I really committing myself to a sequel??)

Without meaning to brag, most of my readers have been asking for a Part Two. I would like to believe that the book was that interesting and exciting that they wanted more. I have been asked several times when the second book is coming out. Yeah, like it didn’t take me more than a year to finish writing the first one…

To those who don’t know the back story, the first book was written in secret. Nobody knew about it except for my two bestie cousins. I wanted to write my first book in peace. I didn’t want to be pressured. I didn’t want people hovering over me, asking if I’m done writing. 

This time around, though, I feel the need to share my plans, basically more for myself so I will commit to the project. Because I know that the whole process is not easy and there will be moments when I will think of not finishing the next book, I will be needing an extra push. And I know that sharing my plans with my readers will totally commit me.  

So there. Watch out for my two new books. So help me God… 😉


So there I was on a quiet Wednesday early afternoon, sitting on a salon chair waiting for my hairstylist to give me a trim. Several months back, I told him I wanted to color my hair a lighter shade. We never got to do so because, well, life kept happening. I got busy. 

This afternoon, the salon was quiet and not buzzing with activity. I was not in a rush, either. My hairstylist reminded me that I mentioned wanting to color my hair. Then he said, “Why not try something different? Be brave!

I thought about it for a couple of seconds.  Different. When was the last time I was daring enough to try something new with my hair, aside from curling it — which isn’t even considered daring

I heard myself saying, “Okay, why not?!” He then proceeded coloring my hair…

So this was me last Saturday before going to a family event: 


Long, dark-brown hair, curled for the event

And this was me earlier today, right after my salon date:


Straight, lighter shade of brown

Believe me, it is much, much lighter in real life. It looks golden brown under the light. It takes some getting used to. 

Talk about trying something different on a whim… I can still hear my hairstylist’s parting words, “Be brave… be bold!”  

I will probably just stay home in the next couple of weeks…

So, how’s your month so far? 😉

photos are all mine, obviously.


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