It’s all good

I spent a big part of the morning talking to several people on the phone regarding the sales and distribution of my book. 

Being a self published author, and a first-timer at that, I had to learn about the whole book publication process on my own.  And it doesn’t stop at the printing of the actual book. I am also on top of the distribution, promotion, and yes, collection of earnings/royalties.

I will not pretend that the whole process is easy or that everything is a breeze, because it’s not. I need to talk to and deal with people. I have had challenges along the way. It is a test of patience for the most part. Nope, not easy. 

But what I can attest to in this book publishing journey of mine is that God had blessed me with good, helpful people who have been very patient with me. I had so many questions and inquiries, yet every person I talked to had been very accommodating. Some of them were even apologetic when I had to wait for something.

There are good people. No, let me correct myself. People are intrinsically good. Yes, I would like to believe that.  

Earlier, I talked to three different people. Two of them work for the biggest local bookstore– one was from accounting, the other from purchasing. The third person I had to talk to handles the administrative work of my publishing company.  All three answered my inquiries very professionally — and not once did I hear a tone or feel a tinge of impatience or exasperation, even after what seemed like a hundred questions I threw at each of them. (In fact, one of them even discussed the book a bit with me, told me she enjoyed reading it and said she’s waiting for the sequel…

As I placed the phone down after the third conversation, I found myself saying out loud, “Wow, that went well… Everything went well.”   

I don’t think these people were just nice because they needed something from me  — or because I am a bestselling author who will rake in big bucks for them. Because I am not. At least not yet. 😉  I would like to believe that they are really just nice.  Or perhaps they also valued that I talk to them warmly and I am appreciative of their assistance.

Niceness begets niceness.

There’s still work to be done. I still need to promote. I need to sell. I need to go to accounting for the sales report.  I need to collect. I need to reprint. 

But I am blessed to be surrounded by good people who guide me and who help make this journey worthwhile. And for that, I am grateful.

Speaking of angels in human form helping me out, the people from the Marketing Department of the country’s biggest bookstore gave my book a push last week via Instagram:


600++ Likes and counting ❤ 

And this past Monday via their Facebook page:


As of this writing, the above post has garnered more than 1.5k likes, hearts and wows,  50+ comments and 85 shares.

People are talking about the book. Amazing. How can I not be thankful??

Excuse me as I bask in the moment. 🙂

My God is so good. ❤


Twenty Years in Between… The Love Story of Lizzie and Joseph

Now available at National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Fully Booked and Central Books

Grab your copy now!!


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photos via NBSalerts Instagram post and National Bookstore FB page.


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