Happy hearts

They say that motherhood changes you… Yes, it truly does.

When you become a mom, you become a lot of things… Your child’s world is your stage –you learn to play a lot of different roles…

You are a caregiver, first and foremost…

Day out with the nanny 🙂

Some days you are teacher

First day of Nursery school… Recognition day, Nursery school

Other days you are tour guide

Park in Manila… Aquatic Museum in Guam

You get to be flight attendant


Vive la France!

Or a kitchen connoisseur


Random photo at a random restaurant 🙂

At times you get to be a Baywatch babe…


(who doesn’t know how to swim 😦 )

… or Santa’s elf


Sometimes you are a costume designer…


Always, you are the #1 fan…


ready for his VTR

…And you will forever be his first date.


You are all these and more.  Much, much more.

Motherhood makes you do things you never thought you could. It brings out skills and talents that you never thought you had.

Motherhood teaches you what unconditional love means.

A mother’s heart is always full… because there will never be a reason NOT to love.


The reason why my heart is always full..🙂

Cheers to all the mothers out there!

Remember that you, too, deserve all the love this Valentine’s day…


photos are all mine 🙂 


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