Pandora’s Box of Memories

Some people are good at chronicling events. Others are good at keeping souvenirs.

One of my high school besties is a master of doing the latter. Pictures and letters from way back when, various memorabilia — you name it, she has it. She has a treasure chest of high school souvenirs which can put our school museum to shame — that is, if our high school even has a museum!

How she kept and preserved them all these years is beyond me. Simply amazing.

She can blackmail all of us in our little clique with those photos that she keeps… And I am pretty sure the thought had crossed her mind more than once. 

Thanks to modern technology, my high school friends and I are able to communicate with each other almost every day. Though some already live in other countries, and others travel a lot, we can all still communicate in real time, not minding the different time zones we are at.

At any time of day, a message will pop up in our chat group — “Have you heard…?” or “Did you know…” are the common intros. Sometimes someone will do the “Hey, do you remember…” walk down memory lane. Or someone posts a write up, a line or a quote for others to ponder on.

Sometimes a message will merit a reply or two, depending on how busy the people are on that given day. At times the chat group gets so busy, with five or more people typing a message all at the same time.

This week, though, it’s all about pictures. Yes, pictures from the distant and not so distant past. My friend, the souvenirs collector, opened her Pandora’s box… and out came, well, a lot!! 

Exhibit A


High School life… 80’s hair, fake smile… why am I even sharing this???

As I looked at the pictures she shared, it was like going on a journey back in time.  

She sent us various high school photos… Photos of our JS Prom invitation and souvenir… A typewritten Student Council memo that never saw the light of day… A campaign paraphernalia… Our cringe-worthy  prom group picture which is totally not shareworthy…

And then there were photos from the 90’s… the time when we were all young(er) and thin(ner)…


Already in college, but we had to go back to attend the high school dance because we simply cannot stay away… How cool were we?! ❤

Attending various family events…

And this one from almost a decade ago…


Meet-up with our Seattle-based friend Patrick who came to visit.

We looked more mature and mellowed somewhat…  But that was a crazy night of revelations. With five ladies fawning over a sole gentleman, what did you expect?!

Believe me, we could have talked all night… In fact, I think we did.

❤ ❤

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Truly, a single photo can elicit various emotions from you. It can transport you back in time. You remember how things were… how you were. It can remind you of when you were young and things were simple and easy.

It reminds you of when times were fun… when you were fun.

So when you are having a crappy day, try to look for a photo of the much younger you with your friends… Of one nice moment captured in time… I am pretty sure you will feel better right away.

A picture can serve as a testament of friendship.

Through the decades and the distance… Through life happenings and changes… We age, we mature… Our friendship remains.

We have pictures and pictures to prove it. ❤


Reposting this photo from our latest after-Christmas get-together (2017)… Simply because I need to redeem myself. 🙂

❤ ❤

Incidentally, remember our uber-smart, mild-mannered guy friend that I mentioned several blogs back (See: Friends Bonding Over Sushi)? I recently came across a write up about him and his scientific feat: the Diwata 1 Project that he headed. Totally out of this world!

Read about it here and be amazed, as well! Proud of you, Dr. Marciano, you rock! You’re weird, but you definitely rock!! 🙂   

Credits: All blast from the past photos are from my friend Jeg’s Pandora’s Box; 2017 get-together photo from my O+ phone 😉

Wikipedia says: Diwata 1, also known as the PHL-Microsat 1 is the  country’s First Earth Observation Microsatellite  launched to the International Space Station (ISS) in March 23, 2016, and was deployed into orbit from the ISS in April 27, 2016.  It is the first Philippine microsatellite and the first satellite built and designed by Filipinos. — Coolness! 🙂 



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