Ms Universe Hangover


And the winner is...

Spent this morning with my eyes glued to the TV, watching the Miss Universe pageant.

I don’t normally watch the whole pageant in the previous years. What made this year’s pageant different –and more interesting– to me is the fact that our country hosted it. Again. After 23 years. I believe this is a big boost to our tourism. Seeing our beautiful country being promoted all throughout the event made me really proud. Kudos to the people from Department of Tourism who were behind this successful endeavor.

Though Ms. Philippines did not get the coveted crown, I still believe our country won this morning. 

❤ ❤

The Question Ms. Philippines had to answer: What is the most significant change you have seen in the world in the last 10 years?

If I were to answer that, I would have said the advancement in technology… The growth of the internet to be more specific.  Because of the internet, news travels faster, communication is easier… Today’s technology allows us to see and talk to people from the other end of the earth in real time… We can right away know what’s happening globally…The world somehow becomes smaller…

Okay, so I think it took me more than five minutes to formulate that reply… and it’s not even that coherent!

Imagine being the one on stage, in front of thousands of cheering countrymen… knowing that you are being broadcast live for the rest of the world to see and hear… And you are given merely a couple of seconds to think on your toes while at the same time keeping that plastered smile on your face… Nope, it’s not easy.

Sometimes, your nerves will get the better of you. Maybe we should cut the contestants some slack when their thoughts get muddled.

If it were me up there and I was successful enough to say my answer above, I probably would have ended up singing “It’s a small world after all…” after the last sentence, before saying thank you. Because I am sure that song will play in my head somehow.

I am pretty sure, too, that I will not hear the end of it from followers and bashers alike and I will be all over the internet. In real time.

And I will blame it on the nerves.

The top three finalists, Ms. Colombia, Ms. France and Ms. Haiti all showed grace under pressure. I was rooting for Ms. France from the beginning, yet I truly thought the other two were strong contenders. All three did not disappoint.

But thinking about it, they are all winners in my book. All 86 of them.

Just being up there — after weeks and weeks of travel, island hopping, charity works, rehearsals, et cetera — and still have the energy to smile and look beautiful and regal, I believe they all deserve our admiration. 🙂

❤ ❤

Shifting topics a bit…

Speaking of change, everyone who really knows me would also know about my love affair with my hair. Yes, my long, straight hair which I take pains in maintaining.

You see, I didn’t always have long, straight hair. When I was much, much younger (translation: in elementary), my hair was always short. It wasn’t by choice, though.

As a child, I dreamed of having long hair which I can put clips or ribbons on. I wanted to look like a girl. And girls were supposed to have long hair. But my mom thought otherwise. Because she had short hair, she probably thought I wanted to have short, cropped hair, too.

I was a shy, obedient child. I never questioned authority. Ergo, I never said a word whenever my mom would tell the hairstylist to chop my hair off. I would just cry silent tears. Every. single. time

She thought I looked cute. Maybe I did… if I were a boy!! 😦

I started growing my hair longer in high school (it reached my shoulders… what a rebel!). At least I felt like a girl!

I grew it longer still, when I got to college. But my hair wasn’t naturally straight…

And so in college, I had thick, wavy, shoulder length hair. What a Supermodel. 🙂

I discovered every good thing that a salon had to offer when I started working and had my own money to spend.

I can stay hours in one salon and not complain at all. I had my hair straightened, colored, cellophaned, the works. I made it a point to take care of my hair and keep it just the way I liked it. No more tears.

Long, straight hair becomes me. There was no turning back.

❤ ❤

Change is good…

For the last 20 or so years, I have kept my hair long and straight. 

This past Saturday, though, we had a wedding to go to and I felt like trying something different for a change. So, for the second time (should have been third but the the first time was an epic fail) in 20 years, I had a different ‘do and I looked like this…


So maybe if you will ask me again what significant change has happened in the last ten years — I can reply with, “My hair. Last Saturday, I was brave enough to curl it…” 

Not exactly Miss Universe winning reply, but it was personal, genuine and sincere.

How shallow am I?! 🙂

❤ ❤

The day after the event…


Wanted to keep the curls for another day… So that’s the unwashed, uncombed, hair sprayed look. Eeew.

Every thing’s back to normal now. 🙂


photo credits: Crown cartoon via google images; Selfies of curly tops are mine. ❤


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