Celebrity for a Day


Now on sale!!!

It was two weeks ago when I introduced in my blog my newly published book, Twenty Years in Between

After about a day and a half of all the hype (thanks to Facebook) things started going back to normal — meaning, the things I usually do/take care of/ get busy with, took the center stage once more. 

I almost forgot about the book… which wasn’t really so bad since I’m still summoning the nerve to advertise it.  

I have simple joys, really.  I am happy enough that I wrote and published a book (girly goal checked), and I am even happier that the people I love most have already seen and read it. 

I am so easy to please. 🙂


Since I have been quite busy these past couple of weeks, I never got the chance to write anything, or make a follow-up blog about my book.  

But then, of course, my biggest fan Up There knew I would be needing some assistance… so this happened:


Brew Your Best Year 2016

I got featured in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s web magazine, Brew Your Best Year, as one of their contributing writers.  

The site talked about me as a writer, my favorite works, and yes, it made mention of my new book! How cool is that?!

I am a shy writer, I really am… But it does feel good being featured every once in a while. It made me feel legit! Haha. Plus I enjoyed doing the photo shoot.  Loved it!

I felt like a celebrity for a day…or two. 😉

To my friends at Brew Your Best Year, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys rock! ❤


I promise to blog more about Twenty Years in Between soon. In the meantime, sharing this write up with you, my blog friends, so you’ll get to know me more: 


“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,” – James 1:17 NKJV


photos via author’s iPhone and brewph IG account. #writerswrite #cbtl #lovestory

Twenty Years in Between… the Love Story of Lizzie and Joseph by Betsy Gacutan-Ochosa ; Now available at CentralBooks Mega Mall and Lyceum Makati. Also available at http://www.central.com.ph online bookstore. Grab a copy now!


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