Harvest time

full grown

Every good thing takes time.

When God plants a seed of a dream in our hearts, I believe He also gives us the tools that we will need to see that dream grow and come to fruition.

  • God gives us the talent. Talent is innate.  Because each individual is different, we each attach our identity — or own mark — to the talent given to us.  Our talents are uniquely ours.
  • God gives us passion. There’s a fire inside of us that burns.  A fire that drives us to do the things we dream of doing.  Sometimes we don’t feel it right away, but a simple spark can ignite that passion.  There is a stirring in our hearts that is just waiting to be ignited.
  • People.  In the process of fulfilling your dream, you will realize that you are given the right people who can and will help you in your journey.  People you never knew nor heard of before suddenly appear in your life, ready to help you realize your dream. There is no other term for this but divine connections.
  • Time Planting comes before harvest. Sowing comes before reaping. And in between is Time.   Time to toil, time to labor and learn.  Time to rest. Time to wait.  Waiting is the difficult part, and yet we have to wait. We respect the waiting time because for a fruit to grow to its fullness and its best state, it should never be rushed.

Some dreams take longer to fulfill than others. But be patient.  Wait for God’s perfect time. Because as we wait, we also grow. We nurture our own selves as we nurture our dream.

When the time is right, that dream which was but a seed planted in our hearts will turn into reality. It’s harvest time.

Throughout the whole process, we give thanks. 🙂


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