Undomestic Goddess Me


every bit a goddess

Once again, the days came and went.

I have been meaning to blog during the Holy Week break, but the whole family was here, so of course, family came first.

It was a time well spent with people I love.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 🙂


Several years back, I wrote a piece about how I reinvented myself — From being an independent, working, single young female, I got married and became, well, a domestic goddess!!

The essay was published by Philippine Star newspaper some 8 or so years ago.  The other day, as I was googling myself (oh yes, I do that on my spare time… come on, you do that, too!), I found the archived write-up online!! How cool is that?!

Thought of sharing the link so you will get to know me better… Yeah, that, and because I don’t really have anything else to blog about right now… haha.

Read on and get to know the Undomestic Goddess me… 🙂

PS… Comments are welcome. Oh, and please just don’t mind the symbols in between some words.  Something must have happened when they archived the file.  But modesty aside, it’s a good read…

❤ – B



clipart image via google; Undomestic Goddess article via Philippine Star



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