Friendship, South of France

Today was errands day.

My agenda for the day included: Picking up Les Miserables tickets (done! so excited!); Do the groceries, buy food for the family (bought more than necessary… but then, what else is new?!); Get son’s picture from the photo shop; Pay some bills (some?!); Buy salad for lunch (perpetual diet but keeps cheating with dessert)…  And the list went on.

Walking at the mall, on my way to the supermarket, I bumped into an old friend, Elle — someone I haven’t seen in a long time.

I first met this lady at my son’s old school, when our sons were still in elementary.  We were both hands on/full time moms then, so seeing each other in practically every school activity was inevitable.  We somehow hit it off, and together with another mommy friend, Tee, we had lunches and coffee dates whenever we were available.

Three Beautiful Young Women Having Coffee With Shopping Bags

This could have been us… a decade or so ago!!

Funny, we even had a monicker for our small circle.  We called ourselves the South of France gals. If I can remember correctly, that name came up during one of our lunches when we were all talking about how it would be so nice to go to the beaches South of France — or somewhere laid back, where no one will recognize us and we will be free to do whatever we wanted (oh come on, stressed moms can dream!).  From that time on, whenever one of us will go on vacation with the family, that person will share a “South of France” picture with the others (translation: a photo by the beach… or by the pool). Those photos made our lunches more interesting somewhat.

When my son transferred to another school for high school, our SoF lunch dates lessened somehow.  We all got busy with so many other things.  Yes, we still communicated — we exchange Christmas greetings, we send messages when it’s someone’s birthday, and always, always we say, “Let’s meet up soon!”  But we never get to do so.

Seeing Elle earlier made me realize how much I have missed our lunches and our chats.  I know she felt the same because sheer excitement was written all over her face when she saw me.  The first thing we both said was, “Let’s have lunch!! Let’s schedule with Tee!”

Sometimes we get so busy that we tend to take some things for granted — like friendships, for one.  At the back of our minds, we think that our friends are just there, anyway… and that we can schedule a meet up anytime.

But then, that “anytime” doesn’t always happen. Time passes. We forget.  Until we realize that we have allowed too much time to pass that we miss sharing a lot of good moments with our friends. Sometimes, the friendship just fizzles because we don’t take care of it.

I am not a really friendly person.  I choose the people I share my life with.  But those few good friends that I have, I truly cherish. I guess I just have to remind myself often that they won’t know how precious they are unless I spend quality time with them.

Before parting ways, the last thing I said to Elle was, “Let’s find time. Let’s make time, okay?” We hugged, then went our separate ways.

I am so looking forward to the South of France gals’ coffee date next week — or the week after next.  It has been a while.


Make new friends but keep the old…




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