Kindness matters

So there I was, sitting alone at my favorite coffee shop, enjoying some Me time…

It was almost lunch time and I came from an errand.  It has been quite a stressful week for me so I decided to give myself a treat. I felt I deserved a cup of ice blended mocha that day (which of course I regretted afterwards, but that’s another story…).

As I was sipping my mocha, I watched the people around me.  Yes, whenever I am alone at the coffee shop, that’s normally what I do — I people watch.  I don’t ogle or stare… I just observe surreptitiously.  Sometimes I can’t help but overhear the conversation from the next table (or from two tables away if the occupants are talking too loudly).  I have a favorite spot near where the cashier stands, so I normally hear what the other customers are ordering, even their specific requests.  I try not to be too obvious, though.  I don’t want to be intrusive.

I saw a couple – a guy and lady – enter the coffee shop and sat two tables away from me.  They laid out their laptops, obviously preparing for a meeting.  The guy went to the counter to place their order. Before leaving the counter, I heard him request for wi-fi password.  The girl at the counter asked if he had a card (the coffee shop’s membership card) because, she said, wi-fi passwords are only available to cardholders. Guy shook his head, said no.He obviously wasn’t planning on getting a membership card that day so he just thanked the girl and left the counter.

I watched him as he went back to the table where his companion was. Saw him explain to his partner that he wasn’t able to get the password. (I told you I was people watching.)  I don’t know why but I felt I had to help the two.  I am a cardholder, I can get as many wi-fi passwords as I can from this establishment.  Why not share?

And then I thought to myself… what if they think I was being too intrusive? I mean, how did I know that they needed a password — and that they were not given one? But then I can always reason out that I am seated near the counter — I hear EVERYTHING.  And besides, I just wanted to help. Should they take offense?

My gut told me to go ahead and ask the girl at the counter to use my card number and give the couple the password they needed. So before I left the coffee shop, I went to the counter and told the girl to give them the password they were offering me earlier which I didn’t really need.  The staff smiled then went over the couple’s table and handed them the small strip of paper.  The guy looked at me and gave a very big smile. Gratitude written all over his face. 

 The guy’s lady companion turned to face me as I passed their table on my way out. She smiled at me and softly said thank you. I smiled back. I knew I made their day. 

Kindness trumps offense anytime.

I have done my good deed for the day and it felt good. The stresses of the week dissipated somewhat.


Make someone smile today!


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop



*photo via google images



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