Nuggets of wisdom


I am a writer…

Writing is a passion.  Writing is my passion. I think I have mentioned that here quite a number of times.

My write ups have been published in magazines, newspapers and various websites. I wrote regularly  for a parenting magazine for about two and a half years (until the owners decided to cease publication of said magazine) and I have contributed to several others after that.  One would think that I should be used to it by now — that is, seeing my work published somewhere.

Truth be told, the excitement doesn’t really go away.  Every time an article I wrote gets published, I just can’t help but be thrilled.  My heart is so filled with pure joy. I am like a little girl on Christmas morning.

I am a shy writer, though.  I rarely advertise my work out of fear of being judged or criticized.  And yet I also know that if there are lessons that I wish to impart, stories that I want to tell, wisdom that I want to share, then I should not be embarrassed nor shy.

I should believe in myself first before I can expect others to believe in me.

I write not because I know everything.  I write because I know some things and I want to inspire others with the knowledge that I have.



worth your while

          Sharing a link to an article that I wrote for an online publication.  This is shameless plugging, yes, but you can never know what little nugget of wisdom you may get… 

          So grab a cup of coffee, hit the link and please, do enjoy!

Live. Love. Learn.



Credits:  photos via google images; article link via

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