No pain, no gain…

jump rope


Sometime third quarter of last year, I told myself it’s high time that I become more conscious of my health.

I am not sick or anything… in fact, I rarely get sick.  But then I was starting to feel sluggish.  Walking tires me out easily, my metabolism seems to be taking its own sweet time, and unless I hold my breath ’til I turn blue, well, my stomach just won’t stay as flat as it used to be.

In short, I was starting not to like what I was seeing every time I looked in the mirror.

But more than that, I also know that my internal organs are most likely not in shape, as well.  I drink way too much coffee (plus ice blended mocha at least once a week… twice when I’m stressed), I eat fatty foods, junk food, chocolates, you name it.  So I’m not a rice eater (because I believe rice will make my stomach bigger). But then I was not really conscious about all the other things that I put in my mouth… the calories of which go directly to my thighs — and yes, my stomach, as well.


who wants a muffin?

I was sluggish… and I felt heavy… and I was beginning to have a muffin top. Not nice.

And so, sometime last year, I decided i wanted to be healthier. I told myself I’m not getting any younger, and that hard as I wish and pray, I can never revert back to my 20-year old body… unless I do something about it.  And doing something about it basically means undergoing drastic changes.

I started watching what I ate.  I started by removing carbs from my diet.  No more pasta, no rice, no cake (of whatever sinful kind!), no bread. Once in a while I would allow myself a teeny weeny slice of wheat bread. I ate fruits in the morning and salad for lunch and dinner.  I would eat chicken and beef and fish, but not too much of pork. I stopped buying my mocha drink (such heartbreak!!). I took my coffee without cream and with half a teaspoon of brown sugar.

I also started exercising.  Jumping rope became my best friend.  I jumped rope every day… until I got injured — my ankles just wouldn’t cooperate and had to swell.  (But after two weeks, I was back at it… though I deemed it best to take it easy and just jump rope every other day.)

After about 2-3 weeks of dieting and exercising, I started to feel lighter. My cheekbones started to show and even my thighs were not as heavy.  I felt good about myself.  Whenever people say I looked thin or that lost weight, I would proudly reply, “Oh, I don’t eat carbs and I exercise!

And then December happened.


the most wonderful time of the year…

December — that month of the year when a lot of things seem to be happening… The hustle and bustle of daily life seems to have multiplied… That time of the year when there’s just so many things that you need to do… so many reunions or get-togethers to go to… so much goodies and sweets waiting to be tasted.

Okay, so maybe I didn’t really eat that much over the holidays… But I became easy on myself.  I took and munched chocolates here and there… I tasted my cousin’s brownies and butterscotch bars… tried all the pasta dishes available…

Worst of all, I allowed myself to become too busy to exercise.  And once you stop… it becomes difficult to get back into the habit.

And because December was busy, I entered January feeling tired… and once again sluggish. Too tired and sluggish to work out.  Everything just felt heavy… Heavy butt, heavy thighs, heavy heart.

This morning, as I was watching the Superbowl, I saw Bruno Mars on stage singing Uptown Funk. I remembered those mornings I spent working out with the music of Bruno Mars — and Taylor Swift — blaring in the room. I knew I had to do something.

I’m done feeling heavy.

And so I dug up my jumping rope and started getting into the habit again.

This is Day 1. Again. So help me God.

Thank you Bruno Mars.


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