The week that was…


so many things to do… so little time…

Hello blog world! Remember me?!

I have been meaning to compose and post a blog since the other day… but I never got the chance to stay in front of the computer long enough to do so. I was pretty busy this past week.

I began my Monday with a trip to a hospital – which was more than an hour away from our home.  Don’t worry, it was nothing serious.  I just had to accompany my dad to see his doctors for consult. I spent the day with my mom and dad, got back home late (and exhausted) so no more chance to write.

Tuesday I had to prepare things for a baseball tournament we are organizing.  From ordering uniforms to making checklist for the players to finalizing flight skeds, you name it.  Though I can do these things with my eyes closed — 5 years of organizing tournaments should be enough to make one a master — all the preparation still takes time.

Wednesday, I had a dental appointment.  After my visit to the dentist, I went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, ordered salad and iced tea for lunch, sat down and stared at nothing for a good thirty minutes.  I was able to de-stress somehow.  Went back to tournament preparation the moment I got home.

My mom came to my house early — and I mean 6:30am early — Thursday morning to chat.  You might be thinking, who goes to another person’s house at such an ungodly hour just to chat??!  Well, my mom does.  Actually, she normally walks around the village every morning…  while the angels (me included) are still asleep.  That’s part of her exercise regimen.  And yes, she passes by my house ever so often.

Part of the reason my mom passed by was to ask me to go with her later in the morning to check on the condo unit we were leasing out. That meant I spent the rest of the morning upto early afternoon with her (condo check, go to appliance store, go back to condo, go back to store to buy more stuff… and the green grass grows all around, all around and the green grass grows all around…) 🙂

Friday I met with some parents of the players who are going to the tournament we are organizing.  Meeting lasted for more than two hours. After which I had to rush to the bank because it was payday Friday (had to fix salary of our coaches)!!

Late Friday afternoon I realized I never got the chance to do the groceries… Hmm, I wonder what we will be eating for the rest of the weekend. *deep sigh*

So there. That was basically how my week went.

The spirit was willing to blog, but time won’t permit.  Hopefully next week will be much lighter.


This keeps me going during those toxic days, helps restore my peace and joy…


Works every time.  🙂


photo via google image ; Ever Be video via

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