I love Ziggy

I love Ziggy

Aaah, Ziggy!  Whatever happened to the adorable little guy?

I remember years back when I used to buy and collect Ziggy greeting cards.  I just loved the funny yet oftentimes sentimental things written on them.  With cute designs and pastel colors, it was really the stuff teenaged girls go crazy about… at least during my time.

I suddenly had a vision of one my favorite cards.  The front was white with specks of lavender, Ziggy was in the middle of a big heart.  And it says something like this:

There comes a time in a person’s life when you finally find someone you can’t live without.

Inside it goes…

I’m the person, the time is now… You’re the someone.

flirty heart

Cheesy on a Thursday evening!! 🙂


Photo credits: Ziggy cartoon image and heart via google


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