The day before…

Tomorrow is a big day for me.

Tomorrow I celebrate forty years of existence on earth.

I used to dread the thought of turning forty.  Forty seemed old.  Far from being the wide-eyed, innocent girl in my twenties, I am also no longer the young, cool 30-something aunt of my nephews and my son’s friends. In fact, my son and his friends are all teenagers now… That makes me feel much older.

These past weeks, though, I found myself looking back at the things that have happened this year… The new friendships I made, the old friendships nurtured, the good moments with family… All the things I experienced, whether good or bad, and truly I can’t help but be grateful. I am thankful that I am given days to live and experience life.

I have been so blessed that to even complain about my age — or whine about the wrinkles that are starting to appear on my face, or my waistline that seems to get bigger every year– would prove to be so shallow.

I am blessed to have a family that loves me dearly, good friends who stood by me through thick or thin, good health and a still-sharp memory.  I know of people whom I have been a blessing to… People who taught me what goodness means.

Truly there is so much to be thankful for. How can one not look forward to the next forty years?!

here’s to celebrating life!  Happy birthday to me!!


pardon the typo mistakes if you see any. My laptop decided today of all days NOT to be compatible with WordPress. Ergo, I blogged using my iPhone. Quite a struggle but I so wanted to post a birthday blog!! 🙂


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