Eggs, christmas lights and Monday morning

good morning sunshine!

8:30am Monday
I had to rush out the house the moment I woke up. 

It’s the last week of the month, meaning it is nearing month-end… which also means there are payables all lined up, waiting to be settled. 

The thought of having to withdraw money on a Monday morning just to settle bills made me want to groan.  Yet I decided to look at the bright side — at least I still had money to withdraw.  I’m still fortunate.


I decided to pass by the supermarket to get some stuff after going to the ATM.  I just got the essentials that I wasn’t able to get the last time I went.  Eggs, coffee, cooking oil, green tea.  That was about it.  Seriously, I had to stop myself from splurging again.  It was too early, after all.

As the cashier was packing the things that I bought, the egg tray slipped from her hands.  Out rolled a dozen eggs, two of which cracked right away the moment they hit the counter, while the others miraculously survived the fall.

I could see the look of panic on the cashier’s eyes.  First she tried to save the eggs… then she placed them all back in the tray… then I saw her eyes looking around, probably checking if her supervisor is somewhere near our counter. 

With eyes brimming with tears, she asked me if she could just pay for the broken eggs because if we return the whole tray, they will have to deduct the amount from her pay. 

I think she was waiting for me to shout at her or tell her off for being so clumsy and for not doing things right.

I just stared at the girl for a brief moment.

Two broken eggs.  Monday morning.  It’s not even 9:30am yet.  If I caused a scene, it will probably ruin this girl’s whole day — not even just the morning.  Worse, it could ruin mine, too. 

Calmly I told her it’s okay.  She offered to pay me again, but I said there’s no need.  I just told her to be more careful next time. 

She gave me a smile of relief and several thank you’s.

I walked out of the supermarket knowing that I did the right thing. 


Sometime during the day I had to go out again to get some Christmas lights for the house.  I didn’t want to spend much anymore so I told myself I would stick to a budget. 

As I was checking out the lights displayed in one department store, this saleslady approached me and told me that they have a buy one take one promo for Christmas lights at the third floor. 

I was able to get ten packs — for the price of five.  And each pack cost much cheaper even, compared to the others being sold elsewhere.  It was a true bargain.  I was so happy!

Was it luck?  No, I believe it was more of a blessing.  I also think that it was somewhat connected to the morning that I didn’t allow to get ruined by a couple of broken eggs. 

My day could have gone the other way.



photo via clipart/google images




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