Think before you speak

speak no evil…

People do a lot of talking. 

Because of the freedom of speech, some people have the tendency to just talk and talk, unmindful of the repercussions.  Some people don’t even pause to think about what they are saying… they just fire away… not considering the fact that they are being hurtful or insensitive.

I believe that if people will stop and think first about what they are going to say before they actually say it, then there will be less arguments.  Two people may not always agree with each other, but it doesn’t mean they cannot respect each other’s opinion — or at the very least, show respect for the other person.

It is the manner of how one says his or her piece — and the content, as well — that can make or break relationships, even friendships.

So think before you let the words come out of your mouth… because once it’s out there, you can never take it back.

 Or better yet,  if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything.


“Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies.” 
-Psalms 34:13

Have a blessed week ahead!


photo via clipart


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