On our first afternoon together in Hongkong…

Nephew #2 :  Ninang, do you have candy?

Fairy Godmother Me:  Yes…

Nephew #2 : (with googly eyes and syrupy sweet smile) Can you give me?

Nephew #1 : (coming from nowhere)  Can I have also?

Fairy Godmother Me:  Uhm, okay.  Under one condition… you have to pose for the camera so the three of us will have a nice picture together.  Stay still.

N1 and N2 nodded, both looking so angelic.


Picture #1

FGM:  Oh, I think my hand moved.  Nephew #1, what are you doing to your brother?  Let’s try it one more time.  Nice smile everyone.

Nephew #1 : Aren’t we done yet??


Picture #2

FGM:  Nephew #2, stop moving around!  Nephew #1, smile please.  Please?!

Both angelic looking nephews nodded again.

FGM:  Okay, here it goes again… Say Mint!!!

N1 & N2: MINT!!!


Picture #3

FGM: Waaah!! We just took half of my face!! 

N1 & N2 laughing like it was the funniest thing on earth.

FGM:  And N2, STOP moving please… Okay  1, 2… say mint again… Mint!!!

N1: You’re funny!!

N2: Why do I have to say mint?


Picture #4

N2: Can I see, can I see??

N1: Can we go now?!

FGM:  Aaargh… One nice picture. Just. One. Why. is. it. sooo. hard??

N1 and N2 both smiled their syrupy sweet smiles…

N2: Can I have my mint now?

N1: Yeah, can we have our mint?

FGM:  Can you two just give me a hug instead??

Talk about having authority.  Epic fail.


photos via my very own GE Digicam, taken Oct. 31, 2012 in HK.


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