Eureka moment

It happens!

Eureka effect : (Greek: heurēka, “I have found”) is any sudden unexpected discovery, or the sudden realization of the solution to a problem, resulting in a eureka moment (the moment of unexpected discovery)

I simply can’t believe it. 
After months of blogging here and almost two years of blogging in my previous site, I just learned about this ‘kitchen sink’ button.  I clicked it by chance and out came a whole new line of buttons — the button that shows how to change the format of your paragraph,  the underline button, the one that lets you change font color, the one that says “insert custom character” ♥♥♥, and still another one that lets you undo something that you did (like delete one whole paragraph by accident).
Where have I been this whole time??  How could I have been so clueless that I did not know that WordPress had these command buttons??? 
Do you know the countless number of times I accidentally deleted words — paragraphs — that I wrote, and I had no recourse but to shed a tear because I couldn’t bring the words back?  I hoped there was an undo button somewhere… and I wondered why there was none.
There IS an undo button, dummy!  (Don’t worry, I’m talking to myself)  I just never bothered to find out where it is. 
Lesson learned:  Sometimes all you have to do is ask.  Yes, that and to be unafraid of exploring.  You will never know what pleasant surprise is waiting for you. 🙂



In other news…

I made some changes in this blogsite.  The other day I tried to search for my site using google (in simpler terms, I googled my blog)… only to find out that there were more than ten blogs with the same blog name as mine, Life as it Happens.  I didn’t even see the link to my blog!!  Geesh, life has been happening to a lot of people everywhere and it seems that like me, they also want to blog about it.

Because I want to be special, I decided to change my blog name.  So, it’s now SuperMom Me  (which probably has a twin blogname somewhere, but, oh well…).  Will see how this would pan out first… hopefully it sticks.

As to my superpowers as SuperMom Me… Astral projection — I normally have out of body experiences when I don’t like to listen to what the person in front of me is saying; and psychic powers — I know what my son will say or do even before he thinks it.

How’s that for being Super?

PS… My kryptonite WordPress buttons? 😉


photos via google images.

Eureka effect definition from


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