Blogging Report Card

i’ll be happy with 100 hits a MONTH!!
delirious, even.

I realized just a while ago that as of this writing, this blogsite has:

  •  43 posts (44 including this one)
  • 603 site visits
  • 22 approved comments
  • 1 pending SPAM
  • 32 followers (groovy bunch! thanks!!)
  • 100 likes on the site (yey!)
  • a gazillion tags (which don’t seem to work)

Some trivia:

  • this blog was created July 2011 after i decided to come out of my secret alternate blog universe (where i was regarded as a goddess, mind you), so i can write as who i really am… an ordinary being with extraordinary wit and humor. yeah, right.  a humble one, too.
  • only 1 blog was posted on that first month — my welcome post.
  • i posted the most number of blogs just last month, Sept 2012.  I posted 14.
  • my day to day activities prevent me from dishing out my daily doses.
  • truthfully, i don’t always have the inspiration to write anything.  most of the time i just end up whining about losing my writing abilities.  like today…

My blogging goals:

  • 800 site visits before the year ends. i think that’s a pretty conservative goal.  i can go for 1000… miracles do happen… but i want to be realistic.  so 800, it is!
  • at least 50 followers by year end.  i love seeing that i have new followers.  honestly, knowing that i have them inspires me even more to write.  it’s different when you know that you have an audience.  i am more careful with what i write — because i don’t want to disappoint (though this blog post is probably turning into a disappointment as we speak…).  but, thank you, dear followers.  you keep me going.
  • to have at least 200 likes.
  • to have more comments — and even blog conversations with my readers.  that would be nice.

My promises:

  • i will try not to talk much about baseball.  try being the operative word.  there’s got to be more in my life to write about than just that.
  • i will make time for blogging.
  • i promise not to whine — about anything.  so if you catch me whining, do stop me.
  • i promise that my posts will make sense.  whether it’s funny, witty, a little sad or somewhat deep and profound… it should have a meaning.  it should leave my readers with something to think about, ponder on… or at the very least make you feel good that you read or saw the post.  if it makes someone smile, that will be more than enough.

My present grade:

If i were to grade my blogsite today… Okay, I’d rather not.  As a student, i was never a fan of getting low marks and i’m not going to start now.  I had a class adviser who called me a perfectionist — which made me cry my eyes out (i cried perfectly, if i may say so myself…).  He said i don’t like making mistakes (who does??!). I was hurt when I heard that, but then i guess he knew what he was talking about.  Oh well, that’s another story to be told another day.

Suffice it to say that i am not so happy with how my blog is performing at the moment… basically i know that I can do better.  So, here’s to the last quarter of the year and all the blogging that I will be doing!

I may not be the (super)goddess writer that I was a couple of years back, but I’ll try to be as interesting.  Hope you’ll continue to enjoy the adventure with me! 🙂



photo credit: google images


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