What makes me smile

my heart sings along…

A friend of mine asked me earlier, from out of the blue, what makes me happy.

I didn’t know what to say at first… I had to clarify if she was expecting something deep — like saving the world from poverty or other serious stuff like that.  But she said no.  She meant little things — like waking up to the sound of birds chirping… or like having sunshine on a cloudy day.  She asked what brings a smile to my face.

I have been thinking about her question the whole afternoon… and I thought of sharing with you what I came up with.  Here are the things that make me smile —

1)  Mocha Ice Blend from Coffee Bean.  Without whipped cream.

2)  Sexy lingerie.  Victoria’s Secret and Marks and Spencer top my list.

3)  Lipstick.  Pretty pink for regular days.  Sexy red when I want to make a statement.

4)  Pretty pink toenails.

5)  Skittles.  Red, green and violet.

6)  Tamarind candy.  Not so sweet, a little sour and spicy.

7)  A sappy romance novel on a gloomy afternoon.

8)  The colors pink and lavender.

9)  Perfume (see blogpost Scents and Sensibilities)

10)  Seeing a rainbow.

11)  Looking at the full moon.

12)  Stargazing.

13)  An unexpected phonecall from an old friend.

14)  Dancing Queen, Like a Prayer, I Will Survive.

15)  Laughter of little kids.

16)  Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder.

17)  A really beautiful painting.

18)  Reruns of my favorite shows — Charmed, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee.

19)  A little light blue box… even if it’s just the box.

20)  Spring floral arrangement.

21)  Holding hands.

All these things perk me up, regardless of how tiring or gloomy my day has been.  Somehow I get reminded that it’s not always about the big stuff.

Sometimes, the littlest things are enough to make a difference.

warms the heart

What made you smile today? 


photos via google images


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