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I just realized that I have not blogged for almost two weeks.

The weather has been horrible of late.  It rained non-stop for several days and there has been a lot of flooding everywhere.  I was pretty much glued in front of the tv waiting for the latest weather reports, announcements of class suspension and updates of how things were in other areas of the country.

Yes, I am blaming the weather for my inability to blog. Lame.


This blog totally has nothing to do with the weather.  In fact I’ll talk about something that people can do rain or shine.  Neither hell nor high waters can deter some people from engaging in this activity… In fact, on a cold, rainy day, when you are stuck home and you have no way of going out, but there’s an excitement building up inside of you… something that you know you HAVE to share with someone… you know you just have to reach for that phone… call someone and…

call… even if you don’t have to

Gossip.  (Hmm. What were you thinking of?)

There seems to be a misconception that only women gossip.  That is so NOT true.  Men gossip, too.  Maybe not as rampant as women, but they also do.

If you are a guy and you are reading this, be honest, don’t you also get interested  whenever your girlfriend or wife talks about other people?  Don’t you also want to hear the continuation to the line, “Do you know…?”  Because you DO want to know.

Perhaps the difference is that guys can choose what topic to “discuss” further and what to simply just ignore or when to tune out.  Women on the other hand have to delve into the details.  It is all about the details.  It has to be at least ten sentences long, otherwise, what’s the point talking about it?

Ever heard of the term juicy details?  If it’s just two sentences… “So and so did this and this. Period.”–  Where’s the fun in that?  There has to be a discussion that follows.  A lengthy one, at that.  Even if you have to go around the story three more times.  It.has.to.be.discussed. Thoroughly.


While I was busy updating myself with the weather, I was also busy getting updated about certain matters or issues happening in our baseball community.

Believe it or not, baseball issues can be as bad as the weather disturbance.  And we are not talking about the sport itself. I am referring to the people — parents in particular — who DON’T play the sport, but make the sport very interesting.

There is always someone saying this and this and another person saying this and that… and it goes around until almost all the parents of all the players get involved or have added their inputs on what was already said…. and it goes back to the person who originally said something — who eventually will claim that she NEVER said anything… and then she will get angry and say more things…

and the green grass grows all around all around and the green grass grows all around


exciting life?

Why do people gossip?

I admit, there are instances when I catch myself saying to my closest friends, “Did you hear what happened to…”  That’s gossiping, right?  I was not talking about something that happened to me.  I was talking about someone else.  So that’s gossiping.  And now I cringe.  It’s just not nice.

Sometimes we start talking about something that another person did to us… I think that’s still fair since it’s a first-hand experience.  But when we start talking about things that are not in any way related to us anymore, then that’s gossip.  Worse is when we pass on to another friend the information we heard from someone else.

Maybe people gossip because it’s fun.  It gives them something to do.  One’s boredom is forgotten when he or she is listening to some animated story about someone else.  Or maybe, one forgets his or her problems when he or she hears about other people having worse issues.  It can bring some sort of escape from one’s reality — if something big is happening to someone else, then maybe life can be interesting after all.  To some, they use this as a validation that they are much better off or that their lives are not as screwed up as someone else’s.  Sad.

There are so many reasons why people gossip.  Maybe an occasional who-what-when-where discussion with your friends is not that bad.  Sometimes you end up admiring another person’s colorful existence.

But a lengthy discussion about other people, to the point that you are attacking their character without them there to hear and defend themselves, is totally, TOTALLY poor taste.  It is simply wrong.

I believe that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then it would be better if you don’t say anything, at all.  In simple everyday language, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then just shut up.

If you DO have something to say to one person — whether it’s a gripe or something you need to clarify, then by all means, go straight to THAT person.  No need to involve other people and then hide behind them or worse, deny everything, once you’re found out.  That’s pure cowardice.


When you have time to gossip left and right, I think that means you have too much time in your hands.  Maybe it’s high time you reevaluate your life and find other things that would keep you busy.  Go, get yourself a hobby.  Find something that will make you a better person.

What other people do is really none of our business.  How we live OUR lives is what matters most.  xoxo



credits:  photos via google images


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