Of Primrose and Effie

Must Read?!

My son has been trying to convince me for the longest time to read the Hunger Games series.

Day 1.

Son: Mom, you have to read Hunger Games.  You’re gonna love it. Promise.

Me: Okay, if I find the time to do so.  (You know how busy moms can be!)

Son:  You will find time if you really want to.  Here’s the book.

Day 2.

Son:  Have you started?

Me: Not yet, maybe tonight before I sleep.


Son: Are you reading?  What chapter?  What page are you in?

Me: Yes. Chapter 1. Page 1. Shush.

Day 3.

Son:  What have you read so far?

Me:  (Sounding oh so bored and uninterested) I think I’m on page 2.

Son:  Grrr.


Truth be told, I really wasn’t THAT interested at first.  I thought it was too juvenile.  I saw the movie photos and that reinforced my disinterest.  It had to take a great deal of coaxing from my son before I pick the book up and try to read a few pages.

Until one morning while we were in the car…

Son:  Oh my gosh mom,  your eyes!! 

Me: (In near panic) Why?! What about my eyes??

Son:  Are you wearing purple eye makeup??!

Me:  (Fluttering my lashes) Oh, yes. Do you like it? It’s pretty, huh?! 

Son:  You look like Effie Trinket.

Me:  (confused)  Effie who?!

Son:  You haven’t read the book. 

Me: Oh. Busted.

Son:  Say this, “Primrose Everdeen…” (with a shrilly voice and weird accent)

Me: (mimicking him)  Primrose Everdeen…

Son:  Okay, now that’s scary.  You sound exactly like her.


That was enough to make me read the book.

Over the weekend, we watched the movie, too.  When Effie Trinket first came out, I noticed that she WAS wearing purple eye makeup. My son and I exchanged looks and we started laughing.

Best part was when she called out the name Primrose Everdeen…  I couldn’t help but say it out loud as well, but I don’t think anyone noticed.


I liked the book, really.  Once I started truly reading, I couldn’t put it down.  I commend the author’s (Suzanne Collins) imagination.   The story is quite fast-paced and action packed.  The theme may be somewhat violent, but what I like about it is the sense of humanity that still prevails in the story.

I am on book 2 (Catching Fire) now, and I still am pretty hooked.

I'm on Book 2...

… and yes, I still use the Effie make up… much to my son’s dismay.


photo credit:  photos and books shown are all mine 🙂


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