Life’s Journey

Sometimes you feel like you are all alone in your journey through life…

… and then you realize there are others on the same road with you 

… more than you expected… 

Sometimes you catch up… but then you start thinking that the others are still much better off…

Sometimes it feels like life is just passing you by…

Or you’re going the wrong direction… 

At times the journey gets so confusing…

 You are given different options and you have to choose well.

Or you see a winding road ahead…

Sometimes you simply just need to stop for  while… 

Time and again I have heard people say that it is not always about the destination… it is about the journey.  

So live it, learn from it, enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Take it all in.

It’s all worth the ride. 


“Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long…”

– Rascal Flatts, Disney movie Cars


*all photos are from my own GE digital camera, taken during my last visit to the USA (March-April 2011)


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