Magic Number: 75

field of dreams

I have been staring at my WordPress stats for today for the past half-hour now.  No, I’m not just staring, I’m practically willing it to get higher.  Nope, not working.  Thirty minutes and a tired and bulging pair of eyes later, my stats still say 4.  So 4 is the number of the day.  Pathetic.

I miss my old blogsite.  I had friends there.  Cyberfriends.  I had readers who regularly stopped by and read whatever nonsense story I had to tell.  Oh, yes, I struggled, too, in the beginning.  There were times when I had 0 site visits.  Sometimes I had just 1 reader (who happened to be my bestfriend… who else?!).  And yes, I also used to whine and rant (much like I’m doing now) whenever I had just a few readers.  But somehow, eventually, I gained followers.  I had comments. I had spam comments, too (which I believe is totally irrelevant).  I think my highest site views in one day was at 75 hits… Okay, maybe that was a computer glitch…  But I know I have reached double digits.

Yet when I moved blogsites, I seem to have lost my blogfriends.  They did not move along with me.  Or maybe everyone’s just busy living their own lives, tending their own blogs that my disappearance simply did not matter much.

I am such a drama queen.

I know it’s mostly my fault.  I haven’t been writing much.  I said it before and I’m going to say it again — how can I expect people to appreciate my writing, my works, when I don’t take the time to create something.  If I don’t take time to write, then what’s there to read, right?  (Insert Field of Dreams Quote here: “If you build it, they will come…”)

So I will stop whining now and will start writing again.  I can’t promise to post really nice pictures — because I am not a photographer… I’m a writer.  And people might sue me if I start copy-pasting their photos just to make my blog more interesting.  But I will try… Most likely I will end up pestering a photographer friend of mine so he will allow me to use his stunning photos. (The other alternative will be to post pictures of myself — boy, do I have a lot of those — but then that would be narcissistic!)

I will try to entertain you with words.

And maybe, just maybe, my old friends from my not-so-distant blog past would find me once again. 

The goal is 75.  Magic number 75.


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