Today and tomorrow…

What a day.  What a day, indeed.

Woke up way before sunrise… brought my child to his ballgame.  Waited under the sun for the most part of the morning until their team finally won the game.  It was such a hot day.  My friend said it was about 34 degrees outside. Unfortunately, we WERE outside.

Got home around 1pm to find out there’s no running water in the house.  Talked to the water engineer in charge of the village supply.  Turned out they killed old water line not knowing that they forgot to connect ours to the new one.  Water engineer suggested to change the location of my house’s water meter… went as far as telling me that in doing so, they will have to dig a part of my garden — and my lanai.  Seriously?!  I ended up arguing with the engineer.

Eventually he listened to my suggestion and agreed to NOT ruining my garden, but said he couldn’t promise to bring back our water supply within the day.  Heaving a sigh of defeat, I had to concede.  Called a water delivery truck instead.

A little while later, I received a phone call from my baseball jersey supplier… the one who’s making the training uniforms for the team I’m co-managing.  We still have about 4 uniforms lacking and he’s supposed to give everything to me by next week because we have an upcoming tournament .  Supplier-friend told me he couldn’t find the same fabric that he used for the rest of the team and he wanted me to check on another fabric he has. 

I have 14 players. They are supposed to have the same uniform.  The tournament begins next Saturday.  Would I let four players look different?  Can you call it ‘uniform’ if the fabric is not the same?? 

I agreed to meet up with him tomorrow so we can solve this issue.  Hopefully I don’t end up wringing his neck before the meeting ends.

This day left me dead tired, feeling sticky and somewhat cranky.  I just want to crawl in some hole and stay there for about a month.  By myself.

But tomorrow… tomorrow is another day.  Tomorrow we have to wake up again bright and early for another game. The spirit is already so unwilling, and the flesh weak. 

Yet there’s no point giving up.  Sometimes, as badly as you want to just drop everything and NOT do anything you are called to do, well, you just can’t.  You can’t just pack your bags and say goodbye to your everyday life.  Running away is not the answer.

Sometimes a change in perspective would work better than dreading everything you know you cannot do anything about. 

So tomorrow, I will wake up and give the day a BIG smile. 

sunshiney day

Wonders never cease. Tomorrow cannot be that bad.


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