Ooops, she did it again…

Several weeks ago I reappeared in blog world, with a promise that I’ll be a more diligent blogger this time around.  I said I will not let the hustle and bustle of daily life keep me from writing.  I said I will find time. No, I will MAKE time.

Obviously I say things I don’t mean.

Believe me, the intention is there.  When something nice happens to me, I often think of blogging about it… but then once I get home and I get the chance to sit in front of the computer, well, other things just call my attention  — more important things, mind you.  Like Facebook, for instance.   It’s always nice to know what my friends are doing at the moment…

Okay, so maybe I also enjoy looking at the photos of other people (stalker mode!)… And who can resist reading the latest inspirational quote uploaded by a friend’s friend?… and how can one veer away from the squabbles of two people you know — who are shamelessly telling the world about what they think of each other without mentioning any names… And then there’s the yummy food some friend is cooking or has just cooked… of course it’s nice to read what someone else’s fortune cookie says about him or her… Before I realize it, I just spent about an hour in Facebook doing absolutely nothing of great importance…

Facebook can be pure evil. 

Another thing that keeps me from writing: baseball.  Gosh. I never expected that sport to take too much of my time.  Five years ago, I didn’t even understand the game.  Now I spend most of my weekends under the heat of the sun, cheering for my son’s team — whether school varsity, or another league.  I wake up at such ungodly hours just to prepare for a whole day of baseball.  We practically eat, drink, sleep, breathe baseball in our home.  Sometimes I do wonder how I got sucked into this baseball madness.

I enjoy the game… I really do.  But then there are days…

Truthfully, there are days when I just want to stay in front of the tv and watch senseless tv shows (like that reality show that had something to do with a family whose surname starts with the letter K).  But lately, I can’t seem to have even those days. 

I don’t get to watch tv. I don’t get to write.  I am always running around, from one errand to another… from one Facebook page to another…  from one place to another…

Sometimes I feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

I need to breathe. 

And I need to publish this before I stop making sense.

Yep, there really ARE days.



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