Zzzzz zzzzz zzzzz

If someone is to ask me which is my favorite day of the week, most likely I would say Saturday.  Sundays are for early morning service or early baseball games.  Monday to Friday are school days… no chance to sleep in. 

Saturday.  The one day in the week when I can sleep until 10am … sometimes 11. 

Today, though, I had to wake up early to help my son prepare for a school project.   I had to bring him and his groupmate to a computer school at the mall so they can do their work. 

That was ten thirty in the morning.  The intention was that they would finish before 2pm so they can attend baseball practice from 2-6pm.

They met up with 4 more groupmates. Great, six heads are better than one.  Hopefully they would finish earlier than we targeted.

Once they were all settled, I bid them goodbye, told them to just text me when they were done so I can pick them up and pay the center for the computer rental.  And off I went to a favorite coffee shop to relax….

Like Me. Alone. Waiting.

1:30pm, I checked on my son and his groupmates… nope, they were not finished.  In fact, they were not even halfway done.  And then I realized that I had the leather balls and wiffle balls — to be used for baseball training– in my car.   Uh-oh, if my son didn’t finish on time, the other boys can’t practice because I HAD THE BALLS WITH ME… gulp.  Panic.

Good thing I had a driver with me.  I just sent dear driver to the training venue so he can drop off the balls.  No need to panic, everything’s cool.  The boys can still practice even without us.

Afer my driver left, I went around the mall once again.  It was a seemingly nice, relaxing afternoon at the mall.  Semblance of ME  time…

Three hours, three blouses and two aching feet later, I’m here once again in the coffee shop, downing my second large cup of iced tea.  I checked on my son about their progress and the reply was… “not done yet.”

I don’t think they can still attend baseball practice, seeing that it is almost 5pm. 

…and then I remember… some parents are supposed to pay today for the training fee — and I’m the interim treasurer. Thus, I am supposed to do the collection.  Worse, I’m also the one who’s supposed to pay the coach for today’s training… They need me there at the field…

Panic time again.  Now I don’t know if I should rush to the field and do my baseball team mom job, or if I should stay here at the mall and wait patiently ’til my son and his groupmates finish their project… Or do I harass them?? But whether they finish their project or not, I would still need to rush to the baseball field…

Seriously, I’d rather just go home, put my feet up… or read a book…  or try on the blouses that I bought.  Or maybe go to a spa and have a massage.   This waiting can be so tiring, really. 

But that’s motherhood for you.  Sometimes you have to give up doing things for yourself when you know you have to do some things for your family.  Sometimes you don’t get to spend your time doing the things you want, and even have to make some sacrifices.

Oh well, today’s long afternoon wait and two panic attacks translated to  three nice blouses.  Who am I to complain?

I’m still one happy mom.  Tired but happy.



photo credits: and my very own digicam 🙂


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