Savoring the moment

It smells like Christmas!

I met up with my sister early yesterday morning for our first Christmas shopping date.

I can’t believe that October’s almost over and it will be Christmas in two months time.  Where has the year gone??  It seems just like yesterday when I was planning the family’s US vacay ( which in reality took place March and April).  And then I got busy planning my son’s baseball tournament in Korea (which happened mid-July)… And then we were off to Singapore for yet another tournament (this time, early this month).  Now I’m planning for Christmas. 

Yes, there still were times in-between projects when I seriously got bored out of my wits.  However,  planning trips can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking that I truly welcomed those long, boring days just the same.

Planning is one thing, travelling is another.  Everywhere we went, it felt like we were running after time.  The days were never enough.  You try to stop the hours, savor the minutes, before you realize it, you’re back home and the trip is nothing more but a memory. 

running with time

Six months ago, I was exploring the Huntington Botanical Gardens with my best friend.  Three months ago, I was in Korea, cheering for our baseball team like crazy– or posing in front of a camera like a K-pop icon.  Three weeks ago, I was eating in this small Indian restaurant at Turf City in Singapore, chatting with its very friendly owner, telling him how much we were enjoying the food. 

Where did the year go?!

Now I am here, back home…  planning for Christmas… finalizing my list… working on my budget.  I don’t see any out of town trips in the near future… I foresee more trips to the mall, though.

 *** ***

Whether it’s a grand family vacation, an important sports tournament, or an afternoon trip to the mall, it’s how we make each moment count that matters.  In fact, we should appreciate even those boring days.  Like I said above, I welcome long, boring afternoons with open arms after a toxic number of days.  I try to make each boring minute count. 

Perhaps it’s during those boring moments when you get to stop and let it all soak in.  It’s when you are not too busy that you get to think more about the things, the time and the people that you have in your life.  You remember and appreciate… and you feel grateful.


Leaving you some words of wisdom from Mr. Ferris Beuller (Ferris Beuller’s Day-Off, 1986) :

“Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

 Try NOT to miss it.

*** *** *** *** ***

photos via, photo of  Christmas decor from my digicam.


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