Last Quarter Promises…

loosening up...

I’m back!!!

Oh wow, I can’t believe it has been a month since my last entry.  A lot of things have been happening that I simply just didn’t have the time two write.  Lame excuse for not blogging, I know… I can do better than that!

Here’s a quick rundown of what had happened this past month… 

1)  My son’s school baseball team had weekend tournaments — so that meant goodbye Saturday and Sunday for me.  First  weekend got rained out so basically ended up staying at home.  They were champions during the second weekend (Yey!)… Last weekend we had to study for the final exams so there were no games.

2)  We decided to have some repairs done here at home.   It has been ongoing for two weeks now, so basically, I have been fore(wo)man for the past two weeks. 

3)  I have been making reviewers for the son’s finals this whole week.

4)  I talked to three of my son’s subject teachers regarding various matters.  (Yep, we are grade conscious… and proud!)

5) Lost five pounds (from not eating much and making green tea a daily morning habit).

6)  Had to do errands.  Lots of them.

7) Brought my mom to the doctor one morning for a procedure… and then my dad that same night for an emergency.  That WAS a tiring day!  Good thing they are both okay by now.

8 ) Gained the five pounds back (from eating much AND going back to drinking coffee).

Funny, I thought I had a busy month, but now that I’m trying to list down the things I did, I can’t seem  to remember much. 

The days just seem to just fly by so fast.  In a few days it’s going to be October… In fact, December is just three months away!  Whew!!  Where has this year gone??

*** *** *** ***

Promises, promises…

Seeing that we are entering the last quarter of this year, let me make some resolutions… list down some goals… things to do (or not do) for this last three months of the year.  Hopefully, this will make the rest of this year worthwhile — and worth remembering — for me.

I promise NOT to…  fight with anybody, even when that somebody is making me forget the meaning of the word patience… waste my time on Facebook… nag my son about not wearing slippers, not waking up early, not having perfect scores on test, not fixing his room… i promise not to be a nag. period… i promise not to drink too much coffee… not to spend money ‘just because…’  i promise not to obsess about people from the past.  there’s a reason why they were left in the past — so might as well leave them there… i promise not to be stuck in daydreams… i promise not to be too petty, or sensitive, or be a warfreak… i promise not to be too hard on myself.

On a positive note, I promise to… make good use of my hours, everyday… to start each day with a prayer…  i promise to write regularly… i promise to go after my dreams — of writing that book with my best friend-cousin, as well as my own book… i will not be too hard on myself and i will be more appreciative of my talents and skills… i will share more of ME to others in need…i will be more loving, understanding and patient… i will spend more time with my parents…i promise to be always thankful for the blessings, big or small…  i promise to love me for Me — with or without the extra five pounds…

I promise to make each day count. 


*** *** *** *** ***

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