The Essence of Time

what time is it??

Have you ever tried going through a day without checking the time?  If you don’t know — or you don’t have to know — what time it is, will you be doing things differently, or will you still follow the “schedule” that you made for yourself?

Of course this is impossible if you go to the office or you work outside your home because you cannot always dictate office hours… so you’re already pretty much constrained by work rules.  But how about during weekends?  Do you think you can last through one Sunday without checking your watch to find out what time it is?

TIME.  It’s one intangible force that basically rules our lives without us even knowing it.  For humans, it’s a given… We work on our schedules given the time that we have or that we know.  We wake up at a certain time, eat, work, eat again, work some more, meet people for coffee, watch a show, sleep… etc. etc.  Our activities are pretty much dictated by the time of day, whether we choose to do these activities or not. 

Yes, we are constrained by it, yet we cannot will it to move as we want it to.  Time can move fast (Upon bumping into a friend: “My, you mean it’s been a year since I last talked to you?”)… or it can go so slow (Having a bad day: “Won’t this day ever, ever end?! Ever?!”). 

Time cannot be controlled

*** *** ***

I had my Saturday evening all planned out.  After the family finishes dinner and I’m done washing the dishes, I told myself I will spend the rest of the evening curled up in front of the TV, a cup of coffee in hand and watching Criminal Minds. 

I finished fixing up early enough, and seeing that I had some time to spare, I turned on my computer to check my mails and get updated on the latest Facebook happenings.  Ever so often I would check my watch to make sure I won’t miss the show.  It was a relaxed night.  I had plenty of time.

Five minutes before the show was supposed to begin, I was already glued in front of the TV.  Waiting… watching a silly magic show that was airing.  

Ten minutes passed, then twenty… then thirty. Magic show just wouldn’t end!  I was thinking, ‘Come on, don’t tell me they changed the show schedules without my knowledge?!’

Determined to catch the latest Criminal Minds episode, I waited some more.  I was starting to feel sleepy, but I ignored it.  I checked my watch, it was only past 10pm.  Too early to sleep on a Saturday.

As I continued to wait for the magic show (which was already beginning to get on my nerves) to end, I caught a glimpse of the small clock at the lower right side of my laptop screen.  Clock says 11:35PM.  I did a double take… no, it says 11:36 PM. 

I checked my wrist watch.  Wrist watch says 10:15.  No. No no NO!!! My watch was an hour and thirty minutes behind.  No wonder there was no Criminal Minds!  I missed the show!! No wonder I kept yawning.

I got quite disoriented when I found out the real time.  My mind was somewhat programmed to believe that it was only past 10pm, while my body was saying otherwise.  I suddenly felt sleepy. The body believed the real time.  It felt weird, really.

*** *** ***

We cannot control time.  Often, it is good NOT to be controlled by it, as well. 

It can be liberating, really, when you don’t have to follow a certain schedule.  You don’t get stuck with the same old routine.  You get to savor the feeling of doing something while you’re doing it.  No rush, no constraints.  If you’re lucky, you may even get to experience something you weren’t really expecting to happen. 

When we are too conscious of the time, most often the not, we let the beauty of the moment pass us by. 

Try spending a day without looking at your watch to check what time it is.  Who knows what surprise awaits you.

 You might not know the minutes, but it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the moments.

 *** *** *** *** ***

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