Oh happy day…

one bright, sunshiny day... like today

Last night I composed a 500 something-words blog post just before going to sleep. 

It was inspired by one of the blogs that I read yesterday.  I was responding to my friend Jane’s (over at Planejaner’s Journey, www.planejaner.com)  post about how her Friday went.  At the end of her post, she added a PS… asking her readers how their day/yesterday went. 

I tried to recall all the good things that happened to me yesterday.  Yes, there were several.  In fact, there was quite a number of good things that happened to me yesterday that I was able to blog about it.  500++ words.  All good stuff… all about feeling good.  I was on a roll as I typed away.

As I was happily typing, I didn’t realize that I lost my internet connection.  Funny because at some point I thought of saving my post first in a Word file, in case I don’t get to finish writing that night.  But I dismissed the thought because I WAS determined to finish that post last night.

I did finish the post.  I did try to publish it.  ‘Try’ being the operative word.  Because I didn’t realize that I lost my internet connection, I went on to press “publish,” only to be directed to another page… a page that says “Windows Internet Explorer : Internet connection problems.”   

I lost my WordPress page.  I wanted to scream. 

Since I couldn’t connect to the internet anymore last night, I had to wait until this morning to find out if I was able to save anything.  I was hoping — okay, praying — that half of my post was saved as draft. 

This morning when I checked my blogsite, I saw the draft of last night’s post.  All 14 words of it.  F o u r t e e n. XIV.  Out of the 500 words, I only retrieved 14 How sad is that???

What was ironic was that I was talking about having a good day… And then I ended the day feeling quite irritated and somewhat anxious (why wouldn’t I be? I didn’t know if my post was published or not). 

*** *** ***

Sometimes life throws you a curveball.  There you are, at peace with the world, minding your own business,  seemingly content with the here and now… and then “wham!” a curveball is thrown your way.  Jolts you, makes you lose your balance… gets you off the track. 

Sometimes you just want to scream.  At times, you just want to scream at someone.

I think it is when unexpected things happen that our true characters come out.  It is when we are faced with unforeseen challenges that we show what kind of person we truly are.  Are you defeatist (“I can’t do this anymore!”)?  Are you a fighter (“I will make this happen, regardless.”)?  Are you indifferent?

Or are you the type of person who tries to find the good in whatever situation and who chooses to grow given the lessons — even  challenges– that you encounter?

The other day, as well as yesterday, my blog view was 0.  Yesterday, my blog post vanished in cyberworld… gone, never to be retrieved.  But today is another day.  Today is a new day. 

I can feel sorry for myself the whole day and ask why these things happen to me… Or I can choose to be expectant of good things to come.

I choose the latter.  Definitely.  That’s why here I am, blogging again.

Great day today!!

*** *** *** *** ***

Note:  Do check out Planejaner’s Journey at www.planejaner.com.  You will love her, I promise 🙂

PS… Word count for above post: 567 words. Not bad, huh?!

photo credit: GE digicam, on my way to Reno sometime Apr. 2011




2 thoughts on “Oh happy day…

  1. Hey, lady–
    your new home looks wonderful–congratulations on making a move that is important to you!

    LIkely I will spend some time and move myself back within the folds of wp.com
    thanks for the shout-out to come visit my site–It’s been such a wonderful outlet for me over the past year and a half.

    Just…need a month off or so. Gotta do it.
    THEN, then… I’ll be back (like Arnold Schwarzenegger)

    blessings, and best

  2. Congratulations! As always, you talk to me as I read your posts. Thank you for sharing your site with me. This makes catching up a lot easier. See you soon!

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