Picture perfect

Do you see that image above?   The one I used as my site’s “header?”  I was the one who took that picture.

I am no photographer.  I don’t have a hi-tech camera (of the SLR kind).  Mine’s just a simple GE digicam which I bought two days before leaving for LA last March.  I used to like taking pictures when I was younger… until I realized that all the family members had lots of photos, except me.  I hardly had photos of myself because I was always the one taking pictures.  And being the mature teenager that I was, I decided that if I didn’t have nice photos, nobody else should, as well.  So I stopped taking pictures. What a nut, huh?

Photos preserve moments.  They bring back memories — of the good times, of the bad times, and the ones in between.  What the mind forgets, pictures can remind. 

The picture above was taken at The Cliffhouse off South San Francisco.  One nice, ordinary morning, while strolling with relatives.  It was a snapshot of nature at work. 

Of course it was cropped to fit the screen… so I’m sharing with you the actual picture. 

can you feel the waves

Sometimes you don’t have to be a professional to take a good picture.  At times the subject itself is special enough to exude awesomeness. 

We have a beautiful world. So many fascinating things to see.  Sometimes we just have to stop, keep still… and soak it all in.   Or take a snapshot so you can preserve and relive the  memory.

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photo credit: GE Digicam of yours truly. San Francisco, April 2011.


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