Blame it on the Rain

still raining

It’s been raining for the past several days. And when I say raining, i didn’t mean light, rhythmic drizzle.  I meant heavy downpour — with the skies being gray throughout the day.  It was pretty gloomy, really.

Heavy, nonstop rains also meant class suspension. Class suspension meant family time.  Family time meant — no time to blog… let alone do anything else for self. 

That was me making an excuse for not being able to blog for a good full week.  Yes, I’m blaming it on the rain!!


I am not a new blogger.  I have been blogging for almost two years now (in another site which I sometimes call my alternate universe), and I have already earned quite a number of blog friends.  But starting anew always proves to be quite difficult. 

Well, for one, just coming up with something interesting to blog about is quite arduous.  A lot of times I can’t help but ask myself if my life is interesting enough to blog about.  Sometimes I end up thinking that I am a boring person and my day to day existence is pretty ordinary.  Mundane.  Why would other people read about me?

And then there’s this realization that when you start a new blog, there’s no assurance that you will have readers right away.  I am not talking of “followers” at this point.  I truly mean just “readers.”  Unless I publicize (which is something I am always too shy to do), how then would I get readers?  With a prayer?  (Dear God, please, I promise to be a good person for the rest of the year. Just show me a miracle… give my blog 500 hits at once!) Or with the help of a genie? (Wish #1: An entertaining topic. Wish #2: 500 blog hits. Wish #3: In case the first 500 blog hits were mere spam, give me 500 more. Real readers, this time.)

See the struggle?  Since I know I am probably not writing for anyone, it’s quite hard to sustain a new blog. 

But then I also know that unless you start doing something, there’s no way an idea will grow.  Unless you make that first step, there’s no way you will reach that dream.  A first step, followed by a second, and a third…


I thought of starting a new blog to chronicle my day to day experiences — however mundane they may be.  To share them with others, to relive them, and to accept them as mine.  This is not my alternate reality.  This is my life as it unfolds… as it happens.

Most of the time it’s ordinary, believe me.  Maybe even boring. 

This morning my son came up to me and said, “Mom, tell me the truth.  Do you have superpowers?”  I thought for a couple of seconds, tempted to say, “Yes, I can see the future.”  But then who was I kidding?  The only thing I can foresee at that point in time was that he will be late for school if he didn’t start moving.  So my reply was, “Sorry sweetie, I don’t.  You watch too much tv.”  (Maybe I should ban him from watching tv for a week.  Hmm, that IS a superpower!)    

Point is, maybe you’ll learn something from my not so extraordinary life.  Share my joy, share my frustration… laugh with me, laugh at me.   If you’re lucky, you’ll experience my drama queen moments. 

So if you got to this site by mere accident, please do stick around.  Post a comment or two.  It would be nice knowing that I am not speaking merely to myself — or to the air or something. 

not so ordinary rainy day with friends


Who knows you might enjoy and even decide to stay for a while.  We can spend our ordinary rainy days together.  That won’t be so bad!




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2 thoughts on “Blame it on the Rain

  1. Oh my goodness, I understand completely. It’s so difficult to just start something up, especially if you don’t know how it will work out in the end. But I’m glad you started this blog, even if it’s just a random place to post your thoughts. I like your diction and how you sprinkle “literary” words in and your voice is quite easy to relate to. The picture really drew me in too…

    • thank you for being my very first reader!! now it doesn’t anymore feel like i’m just talking to myself. 🙂
      thanks for the kind words… feel free to visit every once in a while.

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