Rainy day project

Lovin' the rain...

It has been raining the whole day.  Weatherman says it will be raining until tomorrow.

Fresh from the success of a 5-month project, I knew I just needed to write again.  Writing has always been my passion.  I am able to express my thoughts well through writing.  Those words that I cannot find myself to say out loud I get to articulate in writing.  Of course it helps that there’s a backspace key, and yes, my all-time favorite key: delete.  Heaven knows how many times I press delete whenever I type an article. 

Because I have been pretty preoccupied these past five months, I hardly had the chance to just sit and put my thoughts down in writing.  Though a lot of things were happening, I couldn’t find the time and the energy to collect my thoughts. 

Now I have the time.  Or better yet, now I will make time.  I will make time  to write.  Daily. In small doses.  Sometimes in large doses.  

As I write, I get to express myself. 

As I write, I get to preserve a day… a moment.

Join me as I live, love, laugh and learn. 


photo via weheartit.com


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